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Power your business with our most powerful company data API yet.

Easily add director and company profile data into your apps and build custom-built tools for your business.

Company data API to power your business

Creditsafe Connect


The Creditsafe Connect API allows you to easily add person and company profile data into your apps to build tailor made tools for your business.

Enhance existing applications with data from our international company database, giving you direct access to company, director, financial and credit risk data through our API which holds data on over 240 million companies and directors worldwide.

Creditsafe Connect

A single API for your entire team

Finance Teams

Speed up credit decisions by enhancing your records with detailed credit risk data on more than 240 million companies.

Sales & Marketing Teams

Transform a company name into a complete company profile. Shorten web forms and close more deals.

Customer Relationship Teams

Feed accurate and up-to-date company information directly into your CRM system. Manage changes automatically without manual data entry.

Team API

We play nicely with the apps you already use and love.

Microsoft Dynamics

Our most powerful company data API yet

Detailed Company Profiles

Tap into detailed data on more than 240 million companies worldwide. Our global database is the largest single source of company and director information available.

Credit Scores & Limits

Our global company database contains credit scores and maximum recommended credit limits on all records. Make fast and accurate credit risk decisions in seconds.

Financial Performance Data

Retrieve full and comprehensive financial data for all companies in our database including sales, net worth, assets and liabilities. Quickly evaluate a company’s financial strength.

Corporate Linkages

Quickly identify branches, subsidiaries and parent companies that are part of a group, even internationally. See whether a foreign parent or subsidiary company poses financial risk.

Global Company Data

Our company database is the largest wholly owned repository of commercial credit risk data in the world, giving you complete, accurate and up-to-date coverage when you need it.

Directors & Shareholders

Connect to more than 100 million company director and shareholder profiles. Quickly confirm ownership of a company and its shareholders.

company profile

Build real-time customer intelligence into everything you do

Transform data fragments into customer intelligence by turning any company name, phone number, director name or domain into a full person or company profile.

Over 200 unique data points

The most in-depth and relevant company data available for credit risk and customer intelligence. We return the most person and company data points via our powerful Connect API.




Scores & limits


Payment data

Over 200 unique data points

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