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Delivering accurate business data to the wholesale and distribution market

With Creditsafe you can better understand the health of your business partners. Companies that have a recent history of financial issues, such as late payments or legal filings, would be the companies who will most likely struggle to pay their bills in a timely manner or deliver on their products or services in these challenging times.  Use Creditsafe to combat this and much more...

Assess financial stability of your business partners

Through our credit scores and limits you can determine the likelihood of the business you are dealing with being in operation in the future

Review Payment Behavior

Analyzing how companies pay their bills will help you manage your own cashflow

Spot warning signs

Identifying trends within a company's circumstances is a clear way to spot any warning signs before they become a problem

Set effective cash collection strategies

Identify high risk customers within your portfolio and adjust your cash collection strategies accordingly

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What other data can I view?

Our business credit reports include detailed company and credit risk information, including:

Business Verification

Verify your customers company name, registered address, website, phone number and industry.

Detailed Payment Information

View full payment history, including Days Beyond Terms (DBT) for the last 12 months, average DBT, and payment performance.

Derogatory Legal

The number and value of tax liens and judgement filed in the last 6 years and 9 months plus bankruptcies filed in the last 9 years and 9 months

Credit Score & Credit Limit

View current and historical company credit scores and recommended credit limits for companies to assess their likelihood of failure.

Officer & Shareholder Details

View information on company officers and shareholders including their name, age, nationality and appointment date.

Financial Payment Data

Gain unprecedented insight into small and micro businesses with access to data on business leases, commercial credit cards and term loans.

Unlock international trading opportunities with a world of business data

We can offer reports from anywhere in the world with countries highlighted in red, available instantly online

24/7 International Monitoring

Keep up to date via email within the companies you deal with both home and abroad*

International Credit Scores and Limits

Our international scores and limits are standardized A-E for simple cross country analysis

Corporate Hierachy and UBO Data

Identify the management structure and direction of international businesses