Stay Safe Program for Crown Office Supplies

Stay Safe Program

Crown Office Supplies and Creditsafe have partnered to provide access to credit reporting, monitoring and building tools at no cost to your company

As the global leader in business intelligence, Creditsafe is trusted by more than 200,000 customers to help them make informed financial decisions.

Knowing that our reports are particularly valuable during turbulent times, we've launched a temporary program that gives all US businesses access (at no cost) to three initiatives: 

  1. Complimentary Credit Package - Understand the financial health of your suppliers, vendors, prospects and other business partners
  2. Portfolio Health Review - Understand how the health of your customer base is changing
  3. Credit Monitoring and Building Tools - Better demonstrate the creditworthiness of your company

In this recorded webinar, Matthew Debbage describes how companies are able to find value in the Stay Safe Program. 

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1. Complimentary Credit Package

Use this solution to better understand the health of your business partners. Companies that have a recent history of financial issues, such as late payments or legal filings, would be the companies who will most likely struggle to pay their bills in a timely manner or deliver on their products or services in these challenging times.  

This initiative includes 30-day access to: 

Tools within our standard credit reports package

Pull up to 50 reports on US customers, vendors, suppliers or partners

Monitor the business credit on up to 50 companies

2. Complimentary Portfolio Health Review

Your most valuable asset is arguably your company’s customer database. Our Portfolio Health tool is designed to help you quickly evaluate the health of your customer base at a given point in time. With this initiative, we will create a Portfolio Health report for you, and then refresh this report in 30, 60 and 90 days so that you can better monitor and analyze risks within your customer base. 

Note: We've recently enhanced our Portfolio Health Reviews  so that you can better identify risk areas within your portfolio by including the COVID-19 Impact Score. (press release)

3. Complimentary Monitoring & Building

A key to improving your business credit scores is ensuring that the invoices you're currently paying in a timely manner are reflected in your business credit report. Large companies have been sharing their “trade payment” data with the business credit bureaus for years as they know it helps them better manage their portfolio.

For companies impacted by the coronavirus who want to improve their own credit report, so they’ll be better positioned to earn new contracts and funding opportunities, we’re offering two complimentary products:

Alerts on changes to your company's business credit scores, limits and legal filings

Ability to add trade to your credit report


Our team at Creditsafe knows that it’s in everyone's best interest that we work together to get the US business community back on sturdy footing. And we want to do our part.

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