Company credit scorecards

Give your business the power of foresight, thanks to one of the most predictive company credit scorecards in the industry.

Creditsafe launches the coming year a whole series of new credit scorecards. Read below more about our credit scorecards and the added value for your company.

Enhanced protection against current risks that continues to deliver results

Our new credit scorecards with advanced analytics to help your business to grow and protect against potential credit risks

Companies around the world, from commercial lenders to global manufacturers, trust us to deliver superior risk information on which your business can rely. 

With decades of experience, our International Analytics Team has developed, tested and validated new scorecards that confidently calculates the probability of business failure at the highest level of accuracy yet.

What are the advantages of the new credit scorecards?

Enhanced predictability

Our scores measure, with confidence, the probability of a company going bankrupt up to 12 months in advance.

Analysed additional company data

Thousands of company data sources are combined and evaluated to provide an immediate and transparent credit score for each company.

More business opportunities

By enhancing the power of the credit scorecard, your business can benefit from being able to access more opportunities without increasing the credit risk.

Assessing companies with limited information or data

We can assess companies more accurately based on limited information, so you can make confident decisions about whether to do business with them.

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A higher accuracy of predictability with enhanced company or business segmentations

No two companies are identical, but many show similar signs of insolvency within the population

To enhance the distinctiveness of the credit scorecard, the population is segmented. 

The goal of segmentation is to define a set of subpopulations that, when modelled individually and combined, will rank the credit risk better than a single model on the total population in each country.

Creditsafe is proud to have the world's largest database of corporate credit information, which is constantly growing as we collect more company data.

This has allowed us to classify the populations of many countries into more distinct groups, allowing us to produce more predictive models. 

A higher accuracy of predictability with enhanced business segmentations

What are the factors that affect a company's credit rating?

From over 8.000 data sources worldwide, we carefully identify the factors that have a strong correlation with business bankruptcies.

From small local companies to large multinationals, the factors that influence or indicate a company's eventual bankruptcy vary by company size and industry. To increase the predictability and stability of our credit score, Creditsafe segments all companies within a population based on available information, size and type of company (as mentioned above). 

Within each credit scorecard, the importance that each factor has on the credit score will vary according to the statistical relevance it shows in relation to a business failure within a 12 month period. Below we show some of the elements used to calculate the credit score for the new scorecard.

Official Publications

Address changes

Director changes


Payment data experiences

Filed annual accounts

Linked companies

Company size

Company types

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Ensuring you a high quality of the credit scoring models




The accuracy of the credit scorecard is vital for providing a complete assessment of opportunities while minimising the risk of financial losses.

Failing to recognise a company that is in danger of going bankrupt obviously poses an immediate risk. On the other hand, wrongfully rejecting a potential customer means a loss of business and therefore represents a financial cost in itself.

The distinction between 'good' and 'bad' companies, i.e. those with a high risk of insolvency, is the essential point of a good credit scoring model. 

The accuracy of the credit scorecard is vital for providing a complete assessment of opportunities while minimising the risk of financial losses.

It is important that our credit scorecard remains accurate for the near future and not just for the period of the initial analysis.

To ensure this, we performed an out-of-time validation (OoT) over different historical periods. In order to exclude seasonal effects, the OoT was performed alongside the different seasons.

This allows us to confidently verify the stability and accuracy of the credit scorecard.

It is important that our credit scorecard remains accurate for the near future and not just for the period of the initial analysis.

The credit scorecard is validated on a monthly basis in order to keep making reliable predictions.

Naturally, market conditions change continuously during the lifetime of a credit scorecard. Therefore, we continuously monitor an analyse these changes. 

This allows us to identify any changes in the factors that indicate future insolvency and, if necessary, adjust the ranking or categories of variables within the credit scorecard.

The Creditsafe scorecard strengthens our ability to continuously assess the predictability of variables and adapt the model to economic changes.


Individual credit scorecard details

Download a PDF scorecard guide by clicking on the icons below

As we get closer to the launch of each credit scorecard, we will share a guide for each individual scorecard with details on the segmentation applied, the definition of insolvencies, the risk classes and the likelihood of bankruptcy.

When each document is published, you can download it by clicking on the PDF icon with the flag of the indicated country.

The Netherlands









Frequently Asked Questions

Will Creditsafe's scorecards change in every country?

No, we have not changed scorecards for all countries.

We are launching new scorecards for a number of countries over the next year. Our anticipated timeline is as follows:

Netherlands: October 2018

Germany: September 2019

Sweden: October 2019

United Kingdom: December 2019

France: 2021

Belgium: 2021


Do I need to do any changes in my system when you make the changes?

You will NOT need to make any changes to your Creditsafe account, app or API when the new scorecard is launched. All changes will be implemented automatically.

Why are Creditsafe changing its scorecards?

It is perfectly normal for Credit Reference Agencies to update and change their scorecards every now and again. As new information becomes available, we must seize the opportunity to utilise this data and improve predictability further.

We must also be vigilant in tracking marketplace trends and make sure that our predictive models are reflective of current developments. With constant changes to economic, social and political climates, some of the indicators that are predictive of failure today are likely to change in the years to come.

Creditsafe continually enhances our scorecards to reflect the current risk factors that have emerged within the local economies. Assessing the entire business population, we have refined and confirmed what indicators commonly hold for commercial stability, and what is predictive of a company heading into hardship

How do I know if the new scorecard is suitable for my business?

The Creditsafe scorecards are built to assess the entire business population of the country in question, utilising Creditsafe owned data as well as third party data.

Our assessment of this data produces a score which reflects the likelihood of business failure within the next 12 months. In addition, the Limit Solution is designed to offer a recommended maximum amount of credit to be extended to this business based on numerous financial factors. 

Our scorecards are built to compliment any business, however, we do also offer bespoke analytical services. Naturally, all businesses have unique business models, strategies and objectives. In order to help businesses gain greater clarity over their commercial landscape and opportunities, our world-leading analytical team have been commissioned to build a number of bespoke analytical models for companies in many countries.

For further details on our bespoke services please reach out to your dedicated account manager.