Understand how suppliers credit check your company credit report
Credit check your company credit report

Find out how lenders and suppliers credit check and interpret your company credit report and your credit score.

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This is a business service and is therefore valid only for business purposes

If your company works on credit with your suppliers, there is a real chance that they will consult and monitor your company's credit report via Creditsafe

Analyzing financial company data is the core of what we do at Creditsafe. 

Creditsafe provides you with a complete and transparent access to your company's (credit) profile, giving you a better understanding of the factors that influence a company's credit rating.

Our leading credit scoring model incorporates the most advanced statistical measures and techniques to help determine the financial stability and strength of a company. With this scoring model, we can predict 81% of bankruptcies in Belgium 12 months before the company becomes insolvent, and on an average of 70% for international companies.

How can a Creditsafe company credit report support your credit & risk management?

Understand which elements of a credit report creditors (e.g. your suppliers) check when making credit decisions about your business.

Develop a better understanding of the companies you work with through a comprehensive credit risk assessment of your business relationships.

Understand why it is absolutely necessary to receive alerts on changes in the credit rating or credit score of a company credit report.

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* This is a business service and is therefore valid only for business purposes

The Creditsafe company credit reports have the most complete and up-to-date financial company information data in the industry

Credit score & limit

With the help of the credit score from creditsafe and its credit limits, you can immediately see whether your potential business relations represent a credit risk to you.

Juridical and legal information

Court-ordered bankruptcy? Judicial reorganisation? NSSO summons? All the information is displayed in our company credit reports.

Financial company data of the past 10 years

All annual accounts filed and published by companies are shown in our credit reports on both a uniform and an accounting visualisation. Creditsafe also allows you to analyze and evaluate the different ratios and graphs, as well as the financial decisiveness of companies.

Company Business Information and indication

The complete company information is also included in our credit reports, so that you have a clear view of the accuracy of the company data, such as: the official address (and billing address?), legal form, company number, VAT number, website addresses, telephone numbers, commercial names and so on.

Payment data and behaviour

Our payment experiences, which we collect and process, are incorporated into the Creditsafe credit reports in order to give our customers insight into the payment behaviour of companies. Such indications will further help you to support your credit management with payment insights.

Director information and -reports

Through the credit reports from creditsafe, you can easily find out who the current and previous directors are at the company, as well as its current and historical mandates. You can also easily find out where they still have mandates and check if any failures are displayed on their behalf.

Official publications with the official authorities

In our credit reports you always have the option of clicking through to official company publications such as Articles of Association, Gazette publications and other related documentation

Group structures and linked companies

Get an analysed view of the parent company, the subsidiaries, the ultimate holding company, branches and companies linked to your business relationship, with instant click-through possibilities.

International company data insights

If there are companies in other countries connected to your business relations, this will be shown and you can also consult these company reports instantly. Our international, uniform credit score allows you to compare countries against each other.

International monitoring Features

With one push of a button, you can have companies monitored automatically, nationally and internationally. This way, you are notified of the slightest change in the (financial) business information of your business relations and you can analyse complete portfolios in order to make the right decisions.

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* This is a business service and is therefore valid only for business purposes

Protect your own business from credit risks such as oustanding invoices, late payments and depreciations.

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How is the credit risk calculated?

Here you will find a further explanation of the most frequently asked questions that companies ask us about how we calculate credit risks for companies and directors.

How is the credit score in a company credit report calculated?

The company credit score is calculated by analysing companies over a 12-month period. 

Using a differentiation analysis, we have identified key data variables that are essential in predicting the probability of a company becoming insolvent within the next 12 months. 

These variables are then compared to our entire company database and an appropriate risk weighting is assigned to each variable through statistical analysis. 

By calculating these key variables, combined with the prevailing variables, we generate a credit score in every credit report for each individual company. 

How often is the credit score and credit limit calculated?

The scores are calculated daily and are fully automated, no manual calculation is needed to manipulate or adjust the credit scores/ratings. Daily feeds are pulled from our databases to update the scores in real time. 

An example - When a company files its latest financial statements with a National Bank, the documents are analysed and updated in the database within 48 hours. Once they are available to the public, the company's credit risk score is recorded/adjusted based on the latest filed accounts.

How is the credit limit of a company calculated?

We calculate a company's credit limits by examining its financial position in more detail. By analysing critical credit information fields in combination with the company's credit score, we can more accurately determine a credit limit decision.

These fields include:

- Net worth
- Working capital
- Net cash flow operations
- Accounts receivable & liquidity
- Turnover (if available)

When a company has a positive score and the above financial fields are all of high value, you can usually expect this company to have a good credit limit.

If these values are low (or negative), then the credit limit decision will reflect this.

The above financial items are standard for credit assessment conditions.

How do I understand the credit score in a credit report?

The credit score in a credit report for Belgium ranges from 0 to 100 and predicts the probability of a company becoming insolvent in the next 12 months. There are five categories:

- A very good credit rating
- Good creditworthiness
- Creditworthy
- Credit Against Collateral
- Credit At Your Discretion

There are also cases where the company is not rated, namely:
No Rating - The financial statements are too old / Liquidated / Dissolved / dissolved / etc.+§

The international and uniform credit score from A to E makes it easier to compare companies from different countries. Companies with an A-score represent the lowest risk, D is the highest risk and where an E-score cannot be assessed.