Data Cleansing & Enhancement
Data Cleansing & Enhancement

Cleanse, verify and enhance your database

Discover how up-to-date your data really is by matching it against 330 Million companies

This service is available to business users only.

FACT: Data decays up to 40% year over year

Your database is arguably one of your company’s most valuable assets. Whether this be customers, suppliers, or prospective clients; keeping it up to date is vital.

Identify the gaps

We’ll show you where we can add or update records.

Protect your brand

Reduce the risk of sending campaigns to inaccurate addresses and contacts.

Highlight credit risk

Credit check your whole database at the click of a button.

Identify cross-selling opportunities

Highlight trends and potential new markets.

How healthy is your data?

Is your prospect list full of duplicate records, old contacts or bad numbers?

Are the prospects you have in the correct industry orregion?

Are your marketing campaigns having diminished results?

Are your sales and morale down?

Improve the accuracy and integrity of your data

Choose from our most requested datasets, or alternatively, if you don’t see what you want in the list, simply ask us.

Improve Accuracy
  • Marketing
  • New telephone number
  • New fax number
  • SIC / NAICA code
  • SIC / NAICS description
  • Contact details
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Financial
  • Credit risk
  • Credit limit
  • UCC
  • Sales
  • Pre-tax profit
  • Organization
  • Number of employees
  • Incorporation date
  • Address
  • Suppression
  • Company duplicates
  • TPS flag
  • Inactive companies

Data Health Check

Evaluate your data cleaning needs

Before you use our data cleaning & enhancement services, we recommend utilizing our FREE Data Health Check. Our Data Health Check will help you evaluate the quality of your data quickly and efficiently. Whether your data file contains 500 or 100,000 business records, we will check your data and provide you with a Data Health report detailing the quality of your data. 

We’ll check for:

Contact details

Address details

Industry sector

Number of employees

Duplicated records

Incomplete records

Request a free data health check

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