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Every day thousands of finance and credit decisions worth billions of dollars are made based on the scores and data within Business Credit reports.

If your scores are low or your business credit report is sparse, you’re likely losing out on contracts, loans and/or leases. And maybe more disheartening, when you are offered contracts, you may be getting extremely unfavorable terms.

As our team at Creditsafe is committed to being your best advocate for growth, we created MyCreditsafe, a product that allows you to view, claim, and begin updating your business credit report.


Included within your business credit report

  1. Ratings

    View the recommended credit rating for your business, then let us help you improve it!

  2. Limits

    View the credit limit suggested to your suppliers, then work towards increasing the value!

  3. Inquiries

    Track and monitor how often your credit report is viewed by others.

  4. Officers

    Information on the people leading the company.

  5. Corporate Info

    Company registration information sourced via the Secretary of State.

  6. Payment Behaviour

    Trade payment analysis highlighting how suppliers are being paid.

  7. Legal Filings

    Extensive coverage of State and Federal Tax Liens, UCC Filings, Judgments and Bankruptcies.

  8. Group Info

    Corporate hierarchical structure identifying linked companies at a global level.

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Creditsafe is the world’s largest supplier of business intelligence reports with 10 Creditsafe reports downloaded every second.

Further, Creditsafe's database is updated over a million times a day from thousands of sources making it one of the most comprehensive business databases in the industry.

Each day over 250,000 users around the world leverage the company's database to gather strategic, insightful business information.

If you want to make sure that your company is well represented within the Creditsafe database, then it’s time to take advantage of our many resources geared towards helping small and medium sized businesses grow.

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The system is highly adaptable and allows you to customize the alerts you receive to ensure that you’re only getting the most relevant notifications for your business needs.

Receive email updates that detail whenever changes are made to your report or if your business profile is being viewed by other companies.