Worldwide credit check of companies for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the Credit Check App, you receive the valuable company information directly in your ERP system, which you need for optimal risk management. This allows you to identify risky business relationships at a glance and adjust your receivables management accordingly. Always one step ahead: The monitoring keeps you informed about changes in the companies you are doing business with.

Your benefits

Up-to-date credit reports

All company information including credit score and limit directly available in your system.

Direct contact creation

Access to 365 million company reports worldwide. Create a new account with just a few clicks.

Company monitoring

Keep track of your business partners.

Fresh investigation

If you are missing any information, we will research it for you.

Address validation

Matching and updating of company & address data

Predefined workflows

Set credit limits or block contacts based on credit scores.

Claim your free trial

Get 30-day access to up-to-date business information and credit scores through the Credit Check app.

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The trial period is free of charge and ends automatically.

By continuing you agree to our Terms of Use for trial accounts and Privacy Policy. The trial access is limited to 30 days and 10 German company reports.

We provide the Credit Check App in cooperation with our partner KUMAVISION.

Easy installation

International coverage

Free trial period

For the use of the "Creditsafe Credit-Check" app a valid Creditsafe (trial) contract and the download of the app on Microsoft AppSource is necessary.

You have questions about the trial access or the installation?

Then do not hesitate to contact us.