Case Study - Bobcat of Knoxville

Explore how Bobcat of Knoxville was able to better focus on their best prospects

Chapter 1

The Situation

Founded in 1976 in Knoxville, TN, Gambrills, MD, Bobcat of Knoxville (SAFE# US88057573) sells and leases Bobcat equipment to the Knoxville TN area.

In a conversation with Tina Kincl, she explained how other providers’ reports lacked sufficient credit information on their customers and were difficult to understand. She wanted a platform that was simple to use and contained the informated she needed to make faster contract decisions. 

  1. Other providers’ reports were difficult to understand

  2. Wanted a platform that was simple to use

  3. Lacked sufficient credit information on their customers

Chapter 1

The Solution

To maximize the value Bobcat of Knoxville could get from our tools, we set Tina up with access to our self-service and user-friendly platform. 

In addition to the reported featured all the business information she required to conduct diligence and assess the risk of her partners.

Chapter 1

The Results

  1. More informed business relationships

  2. Faster and better contacting decisions

  3. Reduced exposure to high-risk customers

We’ve been using the Creditsafe platform and we really love it! It is simple to use, loaded with information and easy to read. From the dashboard, you are able to access a whole portfolio of information. The tabs are smartly organized and make it easy to navigate. The Creditsafe platform offers a lot of different tools and techniques through which you can easily conduct diligence and assess risk of any partner or provider. We use the Creditsafe Platform every day and all day to gauge the risk of deal. It has proven to be incredibly helpful.

Tina Kincl
Bobcat of Knoxville

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