Case Study - Diversico Inc

Explore how Diversico Inc improved their cash flow with Creditsafe data solutions

Chapter 1

The Situation

Founded in 2012 in New York, NY, Diversico Inc (SAFE# US81482001) provides business consulting services to a variety of industries.

In a conversation with their CEO, Jason Rubin, he explained how they were having difficulty getting their customers to pay on-time and was frustrated with the quality of customer service from other providers. 

Slow payers resulted in a higher DSO

Lacked access to quality international reports

Customer service was inadequate

Chapter 1

The Solution

The team at Diversico reached out to help them improve their cash flow, as measured by their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).  In order to help them get paid faster, we set them up with our trade payment program so they could share his AR file with us.

By sharing his AR file, we were able to add his customers' payment experiences to their credit reports resulting in a positeve or negative effect depending on their payment behavior. When they informed their customers of this, the customers were incentivized to pay on-time.

Chapter 1

The Results

Improved payment experiences by informing their customers that they report to Creditsafe

Able to reward good paying customers by reporting their payment experiences

Minimizing risk with faster and more informed decisions

After having relationships with other credit agencies and experiencing communication with account executives, my account rep has provided us the best customer service we have ever received by far, from any credit agency account executive! He is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and answered every question we had about data reporting and more.

Jason Rubin
CEO, Diversico, INC

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