Case Study - Pioneer Balloons

Explore how Pioneer Balloon lowered their credit insurance costs with Creditsafe

Chapter 1

The Situation

Founded in 1918 in Wichita, KS, Pioneer Ballon (SAFE# US86867542) manufactures latex and Microfoil balloons.

In a conversation with their Credit Strategies Manager, Chris Birdwell, he explained how they were inconsistently able to obtain data on smaller businesses which was slowing down their ability to onboard new customers with commercial credit. Additionally, he was frustrated with the high costs of international reports from his previous provider.

Bad data limited ability to extend credit

Value was lacking from previous provider

High Costs of international reports

Chapter 1

The Solution

To maximize the value Pioneer Ballon could get from our tools, we set Chris up with access to our self-service platform that would let him run unlimited reports on the small businesses in our network as well as access to our global database of quality and affordable business credit reports

In addition, Creditsafe is constantly iterating on it's tools to avoid complacency and provide greater service and value to our customers.

Chapter 1

The Results

Financial data enabled them to make better informed and prudent small business credit decisions

Decreased annual international credit insurance reporting costs by 25%

Gained a fresh perspective and confidence

There are a lot of credit reporting companies offering their own unique strengths and weaknesses. While most have become somewhat complacent, Creditsafe has been constantly reinventing themselves and provide the Credit Strategies Team at Pioneer a fresher perspective and level of confidence into an applicant’s credit worthiness for a fraction of the cost.

Chris Birdwell
Credit Strategies Manager, Pioneer Balloon

Would access to enhanced credit data improve your decisions?

Let's explore the tools that helped Pioneer Balloon have more confidence in their credit decisions