Terry Durin Case Study

Explore how Terry-Durin used Creditsafe data to save time, effort, and build better relationships with their customers

Chapter 1

The Situation

Terry-Durin is a family owned electrical wholesaler-distributor that has been operating since 1908. They have grown exponentially over the years and have 5 locations across the United States. Recently, they realized that they needed help in evaluating, analyzing, and onboarding new customers. 

No previous provider, only internal data

Small team with growing business, couldn't keep up with a manual process

Needed a better method of qualifying customers during onboarding as collections are difficult in that industry

Chapter 1

The Solution

Terry-Durin worked with Creditafe to optimize their onboarding process by:

  • Providing credit risk scores, recommended credit limits, and average DBT
  • Verifying trade relationships, other trade lines, and company ownership
  • Customizing automated monitoring on all new customers 
Chapter 1

The Results

Improved new customer onboarding times

Improved repayment rates

Updated credit limits and terms

Creditsafe makes it easy to put a company in the search and have it pop up and give me a clearer picture of what the customer is really like, not just what they or their friends say that they are. It is a great tool to have to help us, rather than simply relying on our customer’s application or our own internal information.

Jodee Fish
Credit Manager, Terry-Durin

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