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What is the Creditsafe Business Index?

Creditsafe’s Business Index is a new benchmarking tool that can be used to discover more about companies in your industry or your location – whether they are competitors, customers, or suppliers.

With comprehensive business credit reports and analysis on people and companies around the world, the Creditsafe Business Index makes managing your own risk profile a simple and stress-free task. Our credit risk solutions are designed to provide finance and credit teams with all the tools required to make effective, data-driven decisions.

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What does the Creditsafe Business Index do?

The Creditsafe Business Index provides benchmarking information such as average industry credit score, credit limit and days beyond terms. In addition, the index displays these indicators for companies like the one that was searched, along with adverse payment profiles.

what does the business index do
Chapter 1

What benefits are there to using the Creditsafe Business Index?

At a basic level, the Business Index allows you to benchmark your business, customers, and suppliers quickly and easily against others in their industries. This is useful in several ways:

  • Get an indication of how your business is performing
  • Ensure your customers are solvent and that trading with them is financially viable
  • Ensure that your suppliers are reliable
  • Obtain useful contact information for any company, including those related to your search
  • Find out how long a customer/supplier has been trading
  • Conduct market research with the ‘related companies’ feature – find companies to buy from or sell to

This is achieved by providing information on several factors that include:

  • Business Verification – verify a company is genuine, confirm its registered details, address, and legal status
  • Credit Score and Limit – See a company’s credit score and maximum recommended credit limit compared to others in the same industry
  • Financial performance – Understand if a company is growing and financially stable
  • Company Ownership – Understand the true ownership of any company and its ultimate beneficial owner
  • Key Risk Indicators – Confirm if your customer or supplier has any CCJ’s, late or missed payments

The Business Index is powered by the Creditsafe database, which is updated in real-time from over 9,000 sources around the world.

Chapter 1

What else does Creditsafe offer?

Creditsafe is the world’s most used provider of company credit reports. With over 500,000 users making 450,000 decisions every day, our system is one of the most predictive within the industry – predicting up to 70% of UK business failures up to a year prior to insolvency.

With 365million company credit reports instantly available from our database, Creditsafe offers comprehensive global coverage – what’s more, all the information you need is provided in one report.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, providing every client with a dedicated account manager and a typical response time of just one hour. Our customer retention rate is over 95% but we will never automatically renew any contract – we want our customers to remain with us because they are happy with the service we provide – not because they are tied into a contract.

Creditsafe is already trusted by thousands of businesses around the world. Join them and start protecting your business today!

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