Build global marketing lists

Discover high-value and pre-qualified sales leads that best fit your business

Close more deals faster with targeted opportunities and sales lead intelligence.

Fill your sales pipeline with your ideal clients

Identify businesses that are creditworthy and most likely to buy

Boost new business acquisition with pre-qualified sales leads for your teams. Creditsafe Prospects reveals large numbers of organisations that resemble your perfect customer and are most likely to convert, so you don't waste your time on poor fit businesses. 

Connected to Creditsafe’s world-leading company information database, Prospects holds 70 million up-to-date business profiles from across 12 countries. Our data is gathered from thousands of trusted and official sources to ensure you are approaching legitimate organisations, that meet your credit policy and reflect the profile of your ideal client. 

  1. Real-time company information

    Our database is refreshed every day from thousands of local sources.

  2. 12 countries across 2 continents

    Find new customers for your business across Europe and America.

  3. Over 45 refining categories

    Accurately identify your ideal clients with many categories to refine your search.

Supercharge your sales efficiency

Boost morale, build better relationships and drive more sales

  1. Motivate sales with a continuous pipeline of pre-qualified leads

    Sales people typically spend over 40% of their time prospecting, but less than 1% of cold calls result in success. We continually feed your teams with pre-qualified sales leads to maximise morale, boost results and avoid frustration on poor-fit businesses.

  2. Pursue leads that have been pre-credit checked

    Improve sales acceptance rates whilst building stronger relationships with your finance department. With the inclusion of financial and credit risk insight, you can ensure that each sale is pitched at the appropriate price and that the prospect is able to pay you on time.

  3. Close more deals faster

    Maximise sales efficiency with the addition of rich lead intelligence. Equipped with comprehensive company profiles and buying signals, sales teams can spot the right time to reach out and engage in stronger sales conversations.

Explore new domestic and international clients

Easily find pre-qualified sales leads within the following countries

    United Kingdom
    United States

Nail the perfect sales pitch every time

Successfully engage sales leads with rich account-level insights

Our rich company profiles provide vital insight into the organisations you want to work with. By revealing the background and firmographic profile of each sales lead, Prospects empowers you to better connect with your audience through informed conversations and personalised marketing content. Creditsafe's business information database is one of the largest in the world, meaning you can enrich your lead data with additional fields of valuable account-level information.

  1. Director Details

  2. Company Financials

  3. Industry & Activity Code

  4. Credit Score & Limit

  5. Group Structure

  6. Years in Business

  7. Trading Locations

  8. Number of Employees

Access the data online or within your CRM system

Choose the access that best suits your business

Prospects Platform

The Creditsafe platform makes curating your list of pre-qualified sales leads fast and straightforward. Design your list of ideal clients by selecting your criteria and instantly view the impact each selection has on your audience size.

Your sales leads can then be accessed via the modern and intuitive platform with easy to view profiles and the option to explore even more details within a full company report.

Prospects File 

Design your list of pre-qualified leads via the Prospect Platform by selecting your criteria and determining the desired location of your audience. Your sales leads will then be enriched with additional fields of account level information.

Your audience can then be downloaded via .csv or .xlsx for uploading into your own CRM. 

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Frequently asked questions

What does your data enhance service do?

Once we have cleaned your data and highlighted what is good and bad, we can then enhance it for you by adding numerous fields including sales, employee number, credit rating, SIC code and web address. We can tailor to your business needs. Ask your Account Manager for further details on this.

How often is your data updated?

As a primary source of business information, the Creditsafe data universe is updated every 24 hours.

Do you provide international marketing data?

Yes, our database holds over 70 million companies across 12 countries.

What is your usage policy?

All of our data is multiuse to use across multiple channels for the duration of your contract.