Consumer Credit Reports

Credit check your customers for confident decisions on who you want to do business with

Make sure your customer can meet their credit commitments.

*Users of consumer data cleansing must be DPR registered

What insight can a consumer credit report offer?

Confirm a customer's name, address, electoral status, credit score and any adverse public data.

Consumer credit score

Gain a quick understanding of a customer’s financial position and ability to fulfil their credit commitments. Our consumer credit scores calculate in a number of factors to enable you to make an informed credit risk decision as to who you do, and do not, want to do business with.

Electoral Roll information

The Electoral Roll is one of the most comprehensive lists of UK citizens over the age of 18. Our consumer credit reports allow you to verify that the person is on the electoral roll and that their details match with your own records. Using this information, you can validate a person's identity - ensuring that they are who they say they are before you do business with them. 

Person details

View all current and historical demographic information on a person to help you verify they are who they say they are.  Access a full list of current and previous addresses and easily spot any suspicious data that doesn’t match up.

Bankruptcy, insolvency and previous credit search data

View all historical information on a person and reveal any current or previous financial difficulties, which can indicate how effective they will be at paying their credit commitments on time. Access how many times a person has been credit checked or have applied for credit themselves, this is a great indicator of their current financial situation.

Grow your business safely and confidently

Reduce credit risk by facilitating more accurate and smarter decisions.

Make sure you're paid

Review an individual’s credit score to ensure they can meet their credit commitments and pay you on time.

Meet the regulations

Some industries legally require due diligence checks as standard. Are you meeting your compliance obligations?

Verify customer identity

Verify a person’s information and identity to make sure the person you are dealing with is who they say they are.

What goes into a consumer credit score?

We use a collection of official data sources to give a true representation.

Our consumer credit reports are powered by our trusted partner, one of the UK’s leading consumer credit agencies. Information is obtained from a number of sources including the electoral roll, county courts and the insolvency service. Consumer data is then combined with credit and payment information obtained from banks, building societies and other lenders to produce an accurate and trusted consumer credit score and comprehensive credit report.

Electoral Roll data

Address, aliases and associate links

Credit search history

County Court Judgments (CCJs)

Bankruptcies, administration orders and IVAs

Postcode address file data (PAF)

*Available to SHARE members only.

Access more when you SHARE

Enhance your insight with access to a comprehensive database of financial records and payment performance.

Understand more about your customers’ financial history and payment habits with information relating to their credit agreements, payment history and any defaults. Being a member of the SHARE programme allows you to check details submitted by other SHARE programme members, helping you both to assess whether to accept an application for credit.

Concerned about a customer that could be a threat?

Quickly perform background checks on your customers.

Frequently asked questions

What Is credit scoring?

Credit scoring is a technique used by financial institutions to help them assess the risk involved in extending credit facilities to someone. Based on the level of risk calculated (i.e. the credit score) they will decide whether to extend the facilities applied for. Calculating a credit score for each applicant allows the lender to assess each application fairly using the same criteria. The credit score is derived from the information provided on the credit application form, data provided by a CRA and details of any existing relationship you may have with the lender.

Do Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) tell lenders who to lend money to?

No. CRAs collect factual information from various sources, which lenders use to help them make credit decisions. We do not offer opinions about an individual’s creditworthiness. Lenders adopt differing lending criteria depending on the level of risk they are happy to expose themselves to and the volume of new accounts they need to acquire. In theory, one lender may grant someone credit, whilst another may decline the same request.

How is your credit score calculated?

Our consumer credit score is calculated using the public and financial information available on an individual’s credit report.

This includes:

-  Their past and current credit arrangements and how much they owe.

-  Late payments.

-  The length of their credit history (longer is better).

-   Any bankruptcies or insolvencies.

-   Any court judgements made against them.

-   Information confirming their identity (presence on the electoral register).

-  Their financial associates (people they have a joint bank account or mortgage with).

-  Any credit score from Creditsafe is purely based on factual information – never on an individual’s gender, religion, race or ethnic origin.

Can anyone search our database for information on an individual?

No, searches can only be made with the individual in question’s permission, except under certain circumstances where they are required to provide information to a Government department, or the Police. When an individual applies for credit their permission is obtained in various ways, dependant upon which method of application they use. Some lenders obtain permission through the consent clause or declaration on the application form they complete and sign. If an individual applies for credit over the telephone, they should be informed verbally before they proceed that a credit search will be carried out with one or more of the CRAs.