Sage 50 App

Seamlessly integrate trusted credit, financial and contact data into your Sage 50 account

Enhance Sage 50 with Creditsafe data.

Company information that your business can thrive on

Enrich your database with in-depth real-time customer information.

Our database of more than 430 million business reports in over 200 countries worldwide provides unrivalled financial and credit data, always ensuring your finance teams have all the information they need to work as efficiently as possible.

Creditsafe business reports are powered by intelligent, live data from thousands of trusted sources to ensure your business decisions are made on accurate information. Our database is continuously updated, offering you up-to-date information at your fingertips to effectively minimise risk and maximise opportunities.

Why Sage integration will benefit your business

Achieve more with our integrated Sage application.

Improve internal efficiency and minimise human error with Creditsafe’s inbuilt Sage 50 App. Quickly search for UK and international businesses from within your Sage Account, enabling you to instantly create data rich customer records, update existing records or simply view and save a report on a chosen business.

Minimise human error

Improve process efficiency

Avoid invoicing errors

Increase sales opportunities

Accurate data exactly where and when you need it most

Manage risk effectively with real time customer data within Sage 50

We understand that having accurate information within your customer records is crucial, which is why we enable you to map a number of fields from our business reports at the push of a button. Append recommended credit limits, company addresses and contact details, which can be refreshed as often as you choose. 

Minimise Human Error

Improve Process Efficiency

Avoid Invoicing Errors

Increase Sales Opportunities

One of the major contributors to poor data quality is errors made during the data entry process. Poor data quality can affect every aspect of your business ranging from the speed of day-to-day activities, to getting paid on time as well as the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Make sure that the information you hold on your customers, suppliers and prospects is correct by utilising Creditsafe’s Sage 50 app to append accurate and up to date information including company address and credit details to your records.

For existing accounts, you have the option to refresh and update each record as required, speeding up data entry and ensuring ongoing accuracy.

Minimise Human Error

Streamline your critical day-to-day accounting activities with instant record creation at the click of a button. The Sage 50 app removes the need to run two systems or undergo the painstaking process of copy and pasting customer data between different programs to maintain your records.

With additional customer data including credit score and limit appended, and time saved from streamlined processes, your teams will be empowered to make informed and strategic decisions to help your business grow.

You can view detailed company information via the in-app business reports as well as in a full business report available to download in PDF format.

Integration Efficiency

Did you know, on average 67% of invoices contain incorrect information, which can significantly slow down or even prevent invoices from being paid? 

Creditsafe’s Sage 50 app will make sure your invoicing address is correct at the point of record creation. If a company’s details change, the in-app monitoring will alert you of the change so that you can update your records with the new information instantly.

Invoicing Errors

Bridge the gap between your finance and sales teams by fuelling your sales people with richer data on their prospects. The in-app reports enable your sales force to tailor their pitch to the appropriate level with access to directors’ details, company turnover among other key financial details.

More critically, you can also verify that your prospects are able to meet their payment commitments to you by checking their credit score and limits. 

Increase Sales
Minimise Human Error
Improve Process Efficiency
Avoid Invoicing Errors
Increase Sales Opportunities

Monitor suppliers and customers directly within your Sage system

Receive in-app alerts to notify you when a change occurs to a business in your portfolio

Creditsafe delivers the capability to monitor any company in the UK, allowing you to keep tabs on both your customers and suppliers. We know that having this vital insight can make the difference between your company’s success or failure, and as such, we have include the ability to monitor companies in every Sage integration.

Simply add companies to a portfolio and if there are any changes to one of your monitored companies you will receive an email notification. This real-time data enables your business to act when it matters the most, not only saving you time and money, but empowering you to spot new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Putting you in the hands of a Sage Strategic Partner

Our app is developed in conjunction with AlphaLogix

Creditsafe have partnered with AlphaLogix to develop the Sage 50 App, which integrates Creditsafe's industry leading data with Sage 50.

Sage Strategic Partner

AlphaLogix is a leading software design and IT solutions provider and has been a Sage Strategic Partner since 1995. As one of the largest Accredited Sage Business Partners in the UK AlphaLogix have developed a client base extending from SME’s to Blue Chip companies across a wide range of market sectors, gaining a vast amount of experience working with Sage and its client base throughout the UK.

Our customers love our apps as much as we do...

"Very good credit checking, which we have linked to our Sage accounts software. Gives us the ability to give appropriate credit (or not) to customers. The monitoring functionality also helps to maintain existing accounts."

- Chris Fay | Passcomm Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Will I receive help with installing the application?

Yes, our partner, AlphaLogix’s support team will assist in getting you up and running. You should expect to receive a call from AlphaLogix on the same day as purchase and we aim to set up all customers within 24 hours.

Are there any set-up fees?

There’s no set up costs to you. You will simply pay for the data you use through the application.

Who are AlphaLogix?

AlphaLogix is a trusted Sage partner with vast experience in working on all things Sage related.

Where does Creditsafe’s data from come?

Creditsafe gather data from multiple trusted sources in the UK such as Companies House, The London & Edinburgh Gazette and the Registry’s Trust, and update the database continuously. Our data is trusted by over 200,000 credit professionals across the world and offers up to 70% accurate predictability.