Know Your Business (KYB)

Instant Know Your Business (KYB) checks

Perform key KYB checks using Creditsafe, and utilise our compliance tools to enhance your KYB process.

Automate your Know Your Business (KYB) process with Creditsafe

KYB Process

Automate KYB checks with our API

Tap into global company, consumer and compliance data via our RESTful API, to automate your KYB checks. 

Using our most powerful API yet, you can access countless data such as detailed company profiles, financial performance data, and director & shareholder information through one single API. Our integration also offers global coverage with information on businesses in more than 160 countries, available instantly. 

Improve your customer experience whilst reducing drop-off rates with accurate and efficient compliance checks.

Creditsafe compliance solutions provide the platform for you to verify the individuals and businesses you are trading with, whilst ensuring this doesn’t interfere with the speed of your business.

Why choose Creditsafe for your KYB solutions?

Stay Compliant

You must have an understanding of the business you are or are planning to work with.

Reduce the risk of fraud

Monitor businesses with real-time data, updated more than 1 million times a day.

Faster Onboarding

Speed up your customer onboarding process via our Connect API.

Why use Creditsafe for online Anti-Money Laundering checks?

Paperless audit trail

Reduce costs associated with physical storage, whilst ensuring you are exhibiting good governance with a paperless audit trail stored in a secure environment.

Comprehensive screening

We screen against global PEPs and Sanction databases as standard, helping you to always stay compliant whilst reducing your own company’s exposure to risk.

Bank data verification

You can also enrich and enhance your KYC checks by verifying customer bank data via UK bank records, with access to more bank information than any other UK provider.

We use Creditsafe for our KYB and AML checks because the quality of information and speed of service is second to none.

Sanjay Padhee
CEO, ClearFactor

Trusted by some of the world’s leading companies

Creditsafe ID Verification

Watch our ID Scan webinar to learn how we're helping businesses maintain their high levels of compliance and due-diligence when faced with the prospect of on-boarding clients remotely.

Comprehensive ID Checks are critical for many high risk industries to protect them from fraud and penalties due to illegal activity. With Creditsafe, you can transform your digital onboarding process using ID Scan. Using this, businesses are able to use various forms of ID verification via face match, biometric chip information, and digital tampering detection to help reduce the risk of fraud when running your KYB checks. 

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