Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

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Real Estate

Software & Data


Legal & Solicitors

Courier Services




We offer fantastic solutions for the Automotive sector, including automated credit checking, faster customer onboarding checks using our IDScan tool and all with the ability to be integrated into your CRM systems using Creditsafe's Connect API.

Digital ID Verification

Consumer and Business checks

Automate the application process

Some of the world's leading automotive leaders that are driving at full speed with Creditsafe...


Real Estate & Property

The Property and Real Estate industry can benefit from our wide-ranging services that eliminate the need for many manual processes and still remain compliant and assured that everything is running smoothly.

Anti-Money Laundering Checks

Access more than 365 million company credit reports

Verify buyers and sellers ID 's instantly

These businesses already have the key to safeguarding their business with Creditsafe...

Liberty Living
Colliers International

Software & Data

The Software and Data industry can benefit from our wide-ranging services and access hundreds of unique data points that can be integrated into their existing CRM systems. 

Integrate key company data via our API

Customise your data fields

Access data from over 200 unique data points

Leading software and data businesses are already analysing their risks with Creditsafe...

Lead Forensics

Legal & Solicitors

Legal and Solicitor businesses can benefit from a world of data that can maximise productivity and ensure a clear and concise customer journey that is fully automated. 

International Coverage

AML Checks

Speed up onboarding

We're trusted by the world's leading legal and solicitor businesses...

Hugh James
Simmons and Simmons
Norton Rose

Courier Services

We deliver a range of services for the Courier Services industry to ensure that they are working with the best companies to maximise revenue.

Customer Verification

Real-time Monitoring

Bank Verification

Creditsafe is already delivering for some of the world's leading courier services...



Join over 1,700 Fintech companies that are already utilising Creditsafe data to help them make informed decisions. 

KYB & KYC Checks

API Integration

Real time monitoring

Join some of the world's leading Fintech companies...


We deliver data to thousands of Construction companies to help them monitor their customers and suppliers on an international scale.

International Monitoring

Debt Collection

Global company credit reports

Join the world's leading Construction companies


Join the thousands of Manufacturing companies taking advantage of our International credit reports, available in 160 countries worldwide.

International Monitoring

Integrate via Connect API

Daily alerts on important changes

Trusted by the world's leading Manufacturing companies


Join more than 100,000 companies that already use Creditsafe to grow and protect their business.

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