Manufacturing Supplier Checks

Reduce your supplier risk with our international business credit reports

Choose the right supplier and minimise your supply chain risk with information gained from our international credit reports.

Working together with world leading manufacturing companies

Online supplier checks and risk diversification for manufacturing

Gain visibility of business profiles for 430 million companies from 200 countries

Increase your confidence when trading overseas and improve the resilience of your supply chain with our international business reports. With data collected from over 8,000 sources, Creditsafe's international credit reports give you access to information that helps you make better-informed decisions when looking for a supplier. 

We hold one of the largest databases in the industry, providing instant access to 430 million business profiles across 200 countries. We are proud to deliver 99.9% of all requested reports instantly online, and for any others, we can provide freshly investigated company reports for businesses in any country across the world. 

Explore full business profiles for your suppliers, with information including:

Director details

Company identification data

Shareholder & UBO data

Company risk profile

Company financial data

Corporate hierarchy & linkages

Monitor your international suppliers with daily alerts on important changes

Improve your supply chain management by monitoring companies you work with

Get real-time monitoring alerts for your suppliers from 44 countries. We refresh our data daily, giving us visibility over important changes. With this we keep you informed on your suppliers' activities, making international sourcing easier and safer for your business.

Use our international monitoring service to stay in the know about important business changes including:

  • Company credit scores and credit limits
  • Company status
  • Accounts filed
  • Director information
  • Legal judgments 

(notifications are dependent on data availability in each region)

Increase the resilience of your international supply chain

Build a supply chain that helps your business to thrive, no matter the circumstance

Diversify your risk

Choose the right supplier

Diversify suppliers to mitigate your supply chain risk. From building relationships to being aware of suppliers capabilities, having options allows you to spread risk and be secure if any uncertainty may occur. 

Use our reports to help you determine the suitability of a company by comparing a number of features found in our reports. With over 365 million reports available instantly with Creditsafe's live database, use features such as our international risk scoring and company financials to compare and asses suitability of potential suppliers. 

By using the same scoring range and risk description across all countries, we've made it easier to identify the best company for you. 

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Sourcing materials overseas is often rewarded with lower costs, but it can result in less control over your supply chain. Increased physical distance as well as cultural and language barriers can make finding the right supplier challenging.

Our reports cover a number of key areas, providing the information needed to make choosing the right supplier easier. Minimise your worries and stay informed on the possibilities international trade can bring with information that helps you make confident choices about both supplier and business decisions. 

With online reports available on businesses in some of the most popular countries for raw materials and industrial output, Creditsafe encourages your international business potential by providing you with data on suppliers overseas. 

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Diversify your risk
Choose the right supplier

Validate the integrity of your suppliers

Protect your business from corruption, fraud and reputation damage

Confidently welcome new partners to your supply chain with comprehensive due diligence checks and reputational screening. We partner with a number of leading suppliers in global risk assurance to provide complete solutions for combatting fraud, financial crime, bribery and corruption across your international network.

Sanctions Checklist

Screen suppliers against global sanctions lists to safeguard your business from trading with prohibited businesses or regions.

Adverse Media Screening

Check and monitor both businesses and directors which have been linked to illicit activities from thousands of media sources worldwide

PEPs Screening

Screen against the global Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) database to identify individuals prone to bribery and corruption.

Integrate with our international database via the Connect API

Build Creditsafe data into your existing systems for rich insights exactly where you need them

Integrate with the Connect API for instant access to our entire Creditsafe universe. 

With a single API, you can gain insight on over 365 million companies worldwide with data from more than 8,000 sources. Our global company data provides you with up-to-date coverage, enriching your data with real-time information. 

The Connect API provides access to international monitoring as well as the option to drive automation, helping you incorporate real-time customer intelligence and efficiency into every decision you make. 

Credit check an international company for free today

Join the 115,000 companies that use Creditsafe to grow and protect their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in an international report?

Our international business reports include most of the information you would expect to find in a local report, however not all countries have an equivalent to Companies House in the UK. We sometimes need to gather information from other local sources so the information may vary country by country.

How long will it take to receive my report?

99.9% of all reports requested by our customers are typically delivered instantly online. Where a company is not available, a fresh investigation will take between 2-10 working days depending on the country.

How does a fresh investigation work?

When a company report is not available to view online you have the opportunity to freshly investigate a business. Once this request is received, we will attempt to contact the company directly using our network of local partners and official registries to provide a detailed report within as little as 2–10 working days.

Where do you get your data from?

Our data is collected from thousands of sources; where possible we will collect information from official registries similar to Companies House. Our network of 24 offices and trusted local partners allow us to collect information locally; ensuring we always deliver high quality and up-to-date information.

Why is the credit scoring banded A to E?

As not all countries use a 1-100 score; using an A-E score makes it easier for you to compare the credit risk of companies from across different countries. A is the lowest risk, D the highest risk and E is unrated.

How often is your data updated?

As a primary source of business information, the Creditsafe data universe is updated daily.