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Speed up onboarding and verify your customers’ identity in real time.

Our simple, cost-effective solution makes it more efficient when onboarding prospective landlords and tenants.

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Creditsafe makes it easy to speed up onboarding checks with solutions that deliver answers in seconds.

Anti-Money Laundering Checks

Verify buyers and sellers ID instantly and meet your due diligence obligations by checking they are not engaged in any suspicious activity.

Bank Account Validation

Verify the bank accounts of your customers to prevent fraud and remove costly errors.

ID Verification & KYC

Comply with regulatory guidance and meet your own internal risk policies by electronically verifying your customers, negating the need for time-consuming and costly manual checks.

Real-time Monitoring

Automatically monitor your customer credit limits in real-time. Reduce or increase customer lending options based on risk appetite. Re-engage with past applicants who have had a change in circumstances.

We play nicely with the apps you already use and love.

Anti-Money Laundering Checks

Our AML checks bring together hundreds of data sources online in an instant, removing the need for physical storage whilst saving you both time and money.

Instantly cross-reference over 300 data sources to manage and mitigate anti-money laundering risk.

Fast and frictionless onboarding.

Ensure regulatory compliance.

Reduce audit time & risk for property deals.

ID Verification & Know Your Customer (KYC)

Having confidence in who you do business with is crucial, which is why we build over 300 data sources into our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. 

Creditsafe enables you to operate with the knowledge that you are dealing with reputable individuals and adopting a strong approach to risk and fraud prevention.

Verify buyers and sellers IDs instantly

Real-time verification without disrupting the customer journey

Premium data sources from the UK and internationally

Bank Account Verification

Avoid payment errors and fraud by checking business bank account ownership.

When making payments to another business you need to confirm that the account you intend to make the payment into belongs to your customer. By making the link between the applicant’s business and their bank account you will ensure that you only make payments to the correct beneficiaries.

Real Time Monitoring

Add your clients to our monitoring solutions, to keep track of their risk-status and receive alerts of relevant changes in real-time, reducing your business risk and avoiding reputational damage. 

Keep track of the risk and be alerted to any relevant changes in real-time.

Upload customers, suppliers, prospects and competitors from 31 countries globally to an unlimited number of portfolios.

Meet the necessary AML compliance regulations to avoid reputational damage.

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6AMLD Compliance

Due to increasing Anti-Money Laundering regulation in the property sector, firms are under pressure to ensure regulatory compliance without compromising the client experience.

The implementation of recent money laundering regulations has seen the level of client due diligence increase with Anti-money laundering and Right-to-Rent regulations having a particular focus .

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