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Your customer database is the cornerstone of your business, but it is often an organisation’s most neglected asset. As businesses change more regularly, so does the decay of your data, meaning your database can quickly become inaccurate and costly rather than a driver of success. Creditsafe Data Cleaning enables you to restore faith in your business data and confidence in data-driven decisions to increase your business' success. 

In the UK alone, thousands of business changes occur each year:

Companies change address

Directors leave a business

Credit scores will change

Companies file for bankruptcy

Improve the quality and accuracy of your database

Cleanse, validate and enrich your records across 11 countries

Creditsafe Data Cleaning quickly restores the accuracy of your customer records.  Powered by Creditsafe’s real-time international database, our unique matching algorithm detects duplicate, expired and inaccurate data, replacing these with refreshed and verified information. 

Our data is gathered and refreshed daily from official registries, local publications, debt collection agencies, trade payment partners and many other trusted sources. All data is verified, formatted in a common structure and amalgamated into our wholly-owned database, where each record is assigned a SafeNumber IDs to assure its uniqueness.

Cleanse and append data from the following countries:

Enhance every area of your business with enriched records

Improve customer knowledge and strengthen cross department collaboration

Effective decision making and successful communications across marketing, credit management, customer management and beyond depend on accurate and up-to-date company information. We are proud to hold one of the largest company information databases in the world, allowing us to offer data cleaning and enrichment across over 500 fields globally.

Credit Management

Account Management

Marketing Communications

Master Data Management

Optimise Credit Risk

We enrich your customer records with key risk indicators such as Credit Score, Credit Limit, average Days Beyond Terms (DBT), County Court Judgement (CCJ) information and more, to ensure your credit management team is approving payment terms on the basis of accurate data.

Regular cleansing will inform you to changes in a debtor’s circumstance including credit risk and address changes, to supporting effective prioritisation of collections, and successful delivery of invoices. 

Cleanse & append data including:

Credit Score

Credit Limit

CCJ Number & Value

Invoice Address

Nurture Customer Relationships 

Creditsafe Data Cleaning helps you build the strong client relationships that are vital for retaining long-term customer loyalty.

Our rich firmographic profiles help your account managers to keep track of company circumstances, director changes and areas of opportunity so that they can engage in informed conversations. By opting for additional data appends, account managers can gain deep insights into company financials, group structures and more, to help with further opportunity identification.

Cleanse & append data including:

Director Details


Group Structure

Company Website

Increase Campaign ROI

Increase the performance of marketing activities with tailored content that resonates with your audience. By enriching your company profiles, Creditsafe Data Cleaning & Data Append allows you to effectively segment your database with meaningful criteria to identify groups of customers with distinct needs. 

Once campaigns are ready, our director details and company addresses are obtained from official sources to help your campaigns reach the right person every time.

Cleanse & append data including:

Business Address

Industry & Activity

Number of employees

Directors Details

Establish a Source of Truth

Creditsafe Data Cleaning joins together disparate areas of your business with our unique company identification numbers. Our matching algorithm uses multiple matching routines to accurately identify and match companies across even separate databases, to establish a single source of truth and stronger cross-department collaboration.

Once matched, each profile is cleansed and enriched with your chosen fields and returned in a standardised data format. 

Cleanse & append data including:

Unique SafeNumber ID

Trading Name

VAT Number

Parent Company Name

Credit Management
Account Management
Marketing Communications
Master Data Management

Gain a clear view of your entire database

Access your database report for insight into the health and profile of your customer base

Our comprehensive database of company-level information allows us to complete an assessment of your entire portfolio. From industry distribution, geographic spread, risk profiling and data decay rate, each file you wish to cleanse is analysed prior, to provide a 360-degree overview of your database. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How regularly is Creditsafe data updated?

Creditsafe data is refreshed daily from thousands of trusted sources around the world. Our data undergoes vigorous data processing to ensure its authenticity, uniqueness, and consistent formatting.

Does Creditsafe hold information for each data field on every company?

Whilst our database is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, there are instances where we are not able to provide every detail on every company. Data availability varies per region depending on their local registries and legal filing requirements. In some instances, certain fields are specific to the country of origin. If the information is not available for a particular field, then you are not charged for it.

Does Data Cleaning override my current records?

No, we will never override your existing data. Data Cleaning will match our data to your records and provide the desired fields as new additional fields alongside your existing information. 

How to you match my database records to Creditsafe’s records?

Creditsafe’s matching algorithms are designed to match on 14 core data elements. These elements include business names, addresses, postal/zip code, registration numbers among others such as telephone numbers.

Whilst Creditsafe determine a match based on 14 core elements, it is important to note that we use a range of different matching routines, allowing us to match to different permutations of data. This means that overall, we are matching on hundreds if not thousands of different values when evaluating a potential match. 

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