Right to Work checks

Digital Right to Work checks that streamlines employee onboarding

Verify that each candidate is permitted to work in the UK with certified Right to Work checks from Creditsafe.

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Check a candidate’s Right to Work status in minutes

With ID Verification Plus, you can now perform identity checks on prospective employees quickly and securely, ensuring that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to compliance.

From verifying candidate identities to conducting thorough background and right to work checks, we've got you covered.


Take a selfie

Our software uses biometric facial recognition technology to confirm that the selfie matches the image on the ID document.

Liveness test

Our passive liveness technology is designed to detect the presence of a live person.

Take a photo of ID Document

Our system checks to confirm that passports and documents are valid and genuine.

Enhance your Right to Work checks

For more robust candidate verification, additional checks can be completed by your customer in the same verification flow.

Proof of Address

Verify a candidates address as part of the ID Verification process by allowing them to upload a utility bill or bank statement.

Third-Party Data Checks

Verify the candidates name, date of birth or address against records from a centralised database

AML Watchlist Screening

For high-risk use cases, we can check a candidates information against a global database of PEP, sanction and watch lists.

Deliver a great candidate experience

When it comes to hiring, the experience of the candidate is just as important as the process itself. That's why it's important to create a positive impression of efficiency with potential hires. With our Right to Work checks, the candidate can easily submit their details online, with no need for paperwork or face-to-face contact.

Fast-track Right to Work checks

Capture and verify customers’ details online, with no need for paperwork or face-to-face contact.

Validate digital identities on the go

Make it as easy as possible for your tenants to sign up by simply taking a photo of their ID with their mobile device.

Securely store information

Ensure key customer identity information is securely saved in the Cloud, with a complete audit trail in place.

Why conduct a UK right to work check?

Failure to carry out Right to Work checks or hire individuals who do not have the legal right to work in the UK may result in financial penalties and, in some cases, criminal charges. This involves confirming the immigration status of potential candidates and obtaining any necessary work permits or visas. 

In-line with the regulations introduced in October 2021, employers must use an identity verification provider (IDVT) such as Creditsafe when checking the right-to-work status of employees remotely.

We'll provide you with a detailed report that includes an image of the employees passport and metadata that confirms our certification as an IDSP. This data is stored securely on our encrypted systems for you to access it only when you need it.





Frequently asked Right to Work questions

What does right to work mean for employees?

‘Right to work’ stands for the legal requirement imposed by the government on all employers to ensure the people they hire have the right to work in the UK.

The British government website says that it’s the company’s responsibility to check that the documents presented by the job applicants are valid. Right to work checks must be carried out on job applicants but in some circumstances right to work checks need to be carried out for existing employees.

What are the benefits of digital right to work checks?

Employers across all sectors reap the benefits of having a reliable identity verification software that can check their job applicants’ right to work. Our real-time facial recognition technology helps companies speed up and simplify the process of ID verification, employee and client onboarding.

The technology enables businesses to comply with Right to Work legislation easily and avoid liability for inadvertently employing an illegal worker, which comes with fines up to £20,000 as well as reputational damage.

How do digital right to work checks benefit employees and employers?

Capable of verifying up to 4,000 types of ID, our technology can save companies as much as 180 staff-hours each month.

Any business will be able to verify staff quickly using our app, cutting down the time and expense wasted on waiting for documents to come through the post or locating a verification email. Recruiters can also integrate the technology with their in-house verification processes.

What are right to work documents?

The exact set of documents required for a right to work check will vary based on the particular job and the individual applicants, but would generally include:

  • Passport
  • Passport with valid Visa inside
  • National Identity Card
  • Full Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalisation
  • Biometric Residence Permit
Does digital ID verification support right to work law?

According to the Immigration, Nationality and Asylum Act 2006, employers must carry out proper due-diligence to confirm any potential permanent, part-time, or temporary employee has the right to work in the UK before they can begin work.

Right to Work applies to any work experience or unpaid workers. All businesses are required by the Home Office to keep evidence of all the right to work checks they carry out, as well as checking the document provided is genuine and the applicant is its rightful holder.

When should right to work get carried out?

Before a new employee begins their job, a company must conduct a compliant right to work check. Failure to conduct the process correctly can result in jail time or penalties.