About us

We help companies of all sizes increase sales & reduce exposure to customer credit risk.

Our story

Creditsafe, the global business intelligence experts, specialise in business credit checking and all round B2B solutions.

As the world’s most used provider of online business credit reports, we’ve changed the way business information is used worldwide through our passion and drive to deliver superior business data. 

With credit information on over 430 million businesses across the globe, Creditsafe delivers the most accurate and up-to-date information available in an easy to use format for businesses of all sizes. All major credit insurers also endorse Creditsafe, meaning our credit scores & limits are one of the most trusted in the industry and can predict almost 70% of all insolvencies up to 12 months in advance. Our investment in creating the world’s most predictive scorecard ensures our clients are aware of potential risks in advance, aiding you to make the right moves to protect yourself and your business.

We make our company credit reports as simplified as possible, so everyone in a business can use them without a financial background. Thanks to our ease of use, international reach and continuous improvement of our products, Creditsafe are proud to maintain a 95% customer retention rate. 

With 25 offices across 14 countries, Creditsafe offer instant access to company credit reports in over 200 countries throughout the world.


A multiplex platform for your entire business

Integrate Creditsafe into the DNA of your business, across all departments.


Give your finance teams the power of Creditsafe, enabling them to make better informed decisions, faster. From due diligence to implementing your cash collection process, keep your business safe by knowing who you’re dealing with and whether they can meet their credit commitments.


From prospecting to growing your portfolio, Creditsafe’s flexible sales solutions can be tailored to your needs while aiding your sales teams in reaching the decision maker. With the director search tool included as standard in our Business Credit Reports, you can be confident that you are in pursuit of the correct contact within the business.


Increase campaign ROI and ensure your marketing efforts are reaching the right people with our pre-credit checked and targeted marketing data. Not only will your campaigns go to the right person, but they’ll be creditworthy customers able to pay you for your services.


Ensure you are compliant with the most recent AML and PEPs & Sanctions checks. Creditsafe is fully endorsed to carry out these checks in line with all the latest regulations, and offers a digital platform for all your due diligence and compliance needs.

Our global data coverage

Over 500,000 subscription customers.

Become part of the Creditsafe family across the globe and join over 500,000 subscription customers who are already benefiting from Creditsafe’s superior product suite.

Information on over 365 million businesses.

We can bring you company credit information from any business in the world. We already hold data on over 365 million businesses worldwide, available instantly online.

Fastest growing in our market.

Creditsafe has more than doubled its turnover since 2013. As Global Business Intelligent Experts we are one of the fastest growing companies in our market today.

Our history

Our journey began in Oslo, Norway in 1997, where we had a dream of using the then revolutionary internet to deliver instant access company credit reports to small and medium-sized businesses. From there, we opened a further 15 offices throughout Europe, the USA and Asia.

Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, we provide trusted insight obtained through solid data sources and intuitive platforms, enabling businesses to make better-informed credit decisions. 


Creditsafe was founded in Oslo, Norway.


Over 1,000 staff now work for Creditsafe across the globe.


We have 25 offices across 14 countries in 3 continents.

Our team

Our success lies in the hands of our staff.

We have some of the best professionals in the business, perfecting their craft and driving our business forward towards our ultimate goals. With wholly owned data, locally sourced, we’re able to create one of the most predictive credit scoring models on the market, ensuring our clients are receiving the most up-to-date and accurate information available. 

We aim to provide a working environment where our staff want to come to work on a Monday morning, where they’re valued and respected.  Thanks to our joint passion for our business and what we do, each and every one of our staff from admin roles to directors are dedicated to customer service excellence and providing the best user experience for our clients across the globe. 


Join our team

Creditsafe offers a fun, lively, and fast-paced working environment, so if you want to join us, visit our careers website.

Our values

Customer Obsessed

We’re obsessed with delivering exactly what our customers need and want. Our products and services are all tailored to help our customers answer their business questions and make better decisions.


Trust is in our DNA. It is a big part of how we work with each other. We are also trusted advisors to our clients. We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We pride ourselves in our reliable data and our excellent delivery.


We’ve been disruptive and different for many years, and that’s not going to change. We package differently. We work differently. We are unlike any other business information company out there, and that has been a winning point for us for years.


We believe respect must be at the heart of every interaction we have with colleagues, partners, and clients. We go out of our way to make sure everyone feels seen, heard, and understood.

Gender pay report

Creditsafe UK's Gender Pay Report

All businesses with more than 250 employees have been asked by the UK Government to report annually on gender pay and bonus gaps. As part of our commitment to transparency, we are providing details on the figures and on the ways in which we are addressing positive change.