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Bank Verification Checks

Run real-time business bank account verification checks.

Instantly verify UK business bank account details to reduce fraud and minimise payment errors.

This offer is for business use only.

Bank account verification checks that reduce fraud and minimise payment errors

Our business bank account verification tool lets you validate bank account details and avoid costly payment errors. Quickly verify account numbers, sort codes and confirm the account belongs to the correct company.

Instant bank verification

Instantly verify account information to reduce fraud and avoid delays in the sign-up process.

Deliver more payments

Ensure that payments go to those you intend, by confirming the validity and ownership of bank account numbers.

Improve customer journey

Streamline customer sign-up by checking bank account details in real-time across all points of interaction.

How business bank verification works

Bank Validation

Creditsafe’s Bank Account Verification and Validation tool links the data between businesses and the current accounts they hold.

Bank Verification 2

Compares the customer’s data entered with the bank account records held by Creditsafe.

Bank Verification 3

Provides real-time results on the validity and ownership of the bank account.

Why choose Creditsafe for bank account verification?

With your business' compliance and efficiency at the heart of what we do, Creditsafe's bank verification checks offer enhanced checks that deliver an answer in seconds.

Dedicated support & account management

With a typical response time of 1 hour, we believe every customer deserves personal account management. That is why every client has a dedicated account manager.

No automatic renewal

With a customer retention rate of over 95%, we want our customers to stay with us because they are happy with our service, not because they are tied into a contract.

Bank data verification

You can also enrich and enhance your KYC checks by verifying customer bank data via UK bank records, with access to more bank information than any other UK provider.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does the data come from?

The data is provided by many banks and finance providers across the UK. When a customer provides us with a company number and their bank details, we are able to perform instant checks to verify that those bank details are associated with that company.

How does the Bank Validation tool work?

The Bank Validation tool performs a mathematical check to let you know if the sort code and account number you’ve been provided are legitimate.

What is the difference between Validation and Verification?

Validation uses an algorithm to determine if a sort code or account number exists, but does not let you know if that sort code or account number actually belongs to the company who has provided it.

Verification takes this a step further and checks the Creditsafe database for a match on the sort code or account number and tells you if the bank details actually belong to the company, so the user can be assured that they are sending their money to the correct entity, and not a random bank account.

How does the Bank Verification tool work?

The Bank Verification tool allows customers to instantly verify the companies you are working with are providing correct bank details, to reduce fraud and avoid delays in your on boarding process.