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Reduce risk and verify your customers in real-time

Courier service companies choose Creditsafe to deliver instant credit and identity checks on their customers.

Trusted by the world’s leading courier companies

A single solution for courier service businesses

Creditsafe makes it easy to speed up onboarding checks with solutions that deliver answers instantly.

Credit and ID Checks

Conduct credit and affordability checks on individuals and companies you do business with in a matter of seconds. Verify your customer’s identity electronically, negating the need for time-consuming and costly manual checks.

Real-time Risk Monitoring

Automatically monitor customers for changes to their financial circumstances. Receive alerts in real-time enabling you to act quickly on critical company changes and minimise disruption to your business.

Bank Account Validation

Verify the bank accounts of your customers to prevent fraud and avoid costly errors.

Automated Credit Decisions

Automate credit decisions using trusted business credit scores and recommended limits provided by Creditsafe or implement your own credit policy rules.

We play nicely with the apps you already use and love.

Creditsafe connects with all CRM and accounting systems so you can instantly access quality data and insight within the applications you already use.

Customer Verification

Gain instant access to reliable data to verify business details, including company financial data, CCJ information, trading locations and director information.

Have confidence that you are dealing with reputable individuals by conducting comprehensive checks using our consumer credit reports, and verifying their identities in real-time with our digital ID validation solution.

Validate details of 430 million companies in real-time.

Verify businesses in over 200 countries.

Confirm a customer's name, address, electoral status, credit score and any adverse public data

Reduce manual and labour-intensive identity checks

Real-time Risk Evaluation & Monitoring

Automatically update your portfolio with real-time risk information on 365 million companies.

Use Creditsafe’s highly predictive credit scores and recommended credit limits to offer instant credit decisions or build custom scoring models using your own credit policy rules to increase acceptance rates and reduce risk.

Real-time updates to credit scores & limits.

Alerts on County Court Judgments (CCJs)

Monitor changes in business payment behaviours

Official company financial filings and director changes

Bank Account Verification

Avoid payment errors and fraud by checking bank account ownership.

When making payments, you need to confirm that the account you intend to make the payment into belongs to your customer. By making the link between your customer and their bank account, you will ensure that you only make payments to the correct beneficiaries.

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