Payment Solutions

Speed up merchant onboarding, reduce fraud, and automate decisions.

Payment service providers choose Creditsafe to speed up the onboarding of merchants, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce the risk of fraud.

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Quickly and easily verify and onboard new merchants in a matter of minutes using our web-based platform and API.

Creditsafe provides a complete risk management solution so that you can manage your risk efficiently and have confidence in who you do business with by integrating commercial, consumer and compliance data into your internal systems and applications to verify and onboard companies and individuals at the touch of a button.

Global Business Verification

Carry out robust Know Your Business (KYB) checks with instant access to official registry information on almost 400 million companies worldwide.

Digital Identity Verification

Quickly verify the identity of your customers to reduce fraud and carry out comprehensive KYC checks using a drivers licence or passport.

PEP and Sanction List Screening

Screen merchants against global PEP and Sanction databases to ensure regulatory compliance.

Bank Account Validation

Verify the bank accounts of your customers to prevent fraud and remove costly errors.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Carry out enhanced due diligence checks against high-risk customers using Protect™, our advanced compliance platform.

Ongoing Monitoring & Auditing

Continuously monitor your customers for changes that pose a risk to your business whilst maintaining a complete audit trail.

Global Business Verification

Verify details on almost 400 million companies and individuals globally.

Ensure the companies you are onboarding are legitimate and not false fronts for corruption, fraud, and money laundering. Creditsafe holds data from hundreds of registries and data sources around the world so that you can quickly and confidently automate your business verification and KYB process.

Quickly verify essential company information, such as:

  • Company Registration Number
  • Company Name & Address
  • Legal Status
  • Line of Business (Industry)
  • VAT Number
  • Directors & Shareholders
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  • Date of incorporation
  • Corporate Ownership
  • Credit Score and Limit

Digital Identity Verification

Verify the identity of anyone, anywhere, in seconds.

Electronically validate and verify an individual to a residence in hundreds of countries in real-time. Utilise data, biometrics, live-ness check and real-time processing to safely onboard, and - most importantly of all - trust those whom you choose to work with.

We check the security features of each unique ID document to make sure it’s genuine, and then compare the scan of the user’s face to their ID document photo to confirm that the ID document belongs to the user.

For more robust customer verification, additional checks can be completed by your customer in the same verification flow.

Proof of address

Third-party data checks

AML & watchlist screening

PEP and Sanction List Screening

Global PEP, Sanction, and Ultimate Beneficial Owner checks.

Screen individuals and businesses against global PEP and Sanction lists and automatically monitor for changes. 

Streamline your Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Sanctions compliance, which screens against a multitude of global and domestic databases in one go. Increase efficiency, protect your business against the threat of non-compliance and mitigate the risk of large fines and reputational damage.

Bank Account Verification

Avoid delays, bank fees and identity fraud with bank verification.

When making payments, you need to confirm that the account you intend to make the payment into belongs to your customer. By making the link between your customer and their bank account, you will ensure that you only make payments to the correct beneficiaries. 

Our bank account verification software instantly validates sort codes, accounts, and address details at registration, reducing delays because of incorrect information and helping you fight identity fraud by confirming that the account details belong to that customer.

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