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Speed up onboarding, reduce fraud and automate credit decisions

The fastest growing lenders choose Creditsafe to speed up onboarding, reduce fraud and automate their credit decisions.

Creditsafe makes it easy to speed up and automate lending decisions.

We know that automating processes and powering real-time decisions are the minimum requirements for your lending platform, that’s why we orchestrate credit risk analysis and decisioning from start to finish, automatically enriching data, applying scorecards and risk analysis, and recommending the next best action for each customer request.

  1. Business Verification

    Speed up the signup process and reduce fraud by verifying the companies applying for business finance.

  2. Bank Account Validation

    Verify the bank accounts of your customers to prevent fraud and remove costly errors.

  3. Automated Credit Decisions

    Automate credit decisions using trusted business credit scores and recommended limits provided by Creditsafe or implement your own custom credit scorecard and rules.

  4. Real-time Risk Monitoring

    Automatically monitor your customer credit limits in real-time. Reduce or increase customer lending options based on risk appetite. Re-engage with past applicants with changes in circumstances.

Business Verification

Gain secure access to reliable data, to instantly verify business details, perform watchlist checks, along with identifying and verifying the UBOs of the business – all through a single API integration.

  • Validate details of  430 million companies in real-time.
  • Verify businesses in over  200 countries.
  • Obtain company documents from official registers.
  • Reduce manual and labour-intensive identity checks.
  • Fast and frictionless onboarding.  

Real-time Risk Evaluation & Monitoring

Use Creditsafe’s highly predictive credit scores and recommended credit limits to offer instant credit decisions or build custom scoring models that use your loan portfolio history to increase acceptance rates and reduce risk.

Automatically update your loan portfolio with real-time risk information on 330 million companies.

  • Real-time updates to credit scores and limits.
  • Alerts on County Court Judgments (CCJs)
  • Monitor changes in business payment behaviours.
  • Receive alerts on advertised and unadvertised petitions.
  • Official company financial filings and director changes.

Bank Account Verification

Our bank account verification software instantly validates sort codes, accounts and address details at registration, reducing delays because of incorrect information and helping you fight identity fraud by confirming that the account details really do belong to that customer.

Avoid payment errors and fraud by checking business bank account ownership. When making payments to another business you need to confirm that the account you intend to make the payment into belongs to your customer. By making the link between the applicant’s business and their bank account you will ensure that you only make payments to the correct beneficiaries.

  1. Dedicated support

    With a typical response time of 1 hour, we believe every customer deserves personal account management. That is why every client has a dedicated account manager.

  2. No automatic renewal

    With a customer retention rate of over 95%, we want our customers to stay with us because they are happy with our service, not because they are tied into a contract.

  3. Industries highest NPS score

    Creditsafe are proud to say that, since we’ve been focusing on our customer satisfaction, our NPS score has been driven up to an all-time high, a strong 37 for May 2021, which is the highest across the industry.

Our data

With 99.9% of reports available online instantly

  1. Company Data

  • Official Company Name.
  • Company Registration number.
  • Registered & Trading Addresses.
  • Phone Number & Web Address.
  • Company Classification & Description.
  1. Financial Data

  • Up to 10 years of financial filings.
  • Profit & Loss accounts.
  • Balance Sheet information.
  • Cash Flow Information.
  • Assets, Liabilities and Working Capital. 
  1. Director & shareholder information

  • Director / Shareholder Name.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Function / Role.
  • Current and Past directorships.

Creditsafe's global data coverage was a huge pull for us, it has opened new business avenues and ensures that we can investigate customers diligently should they have ties overseas.

Wendy James
Credit Manager, Scania

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