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Automotive companies choose Creditsafe to make real-time decisions about their customers.

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Accelerate your remote onboarding process

In a digital world, your customers expect an instant, frictionless onboarding experience.

With Creditsafe you can seamlessly onboard new applicants with instant ID Verification, anti-money laundering, and credit checks whilst screening and monitoring your customers against global PEP and Sanction lists.

Credit and affordability checks

Assess an applicants ability to afford a vehicle at point of application and beyond.

Digital ID Verification

Verify your customers' identity to help comply with Anti-money laundering and KYC rules.

24/7 Risk Monitoring

Automatically monitor customers for changes to their financial circumstances.

PEP and Sanction list screening

Screen customers against worldwide PEP and Sanction databases to help with compliance.

Jarmite reduced the time it took to verify and approve new customers by performing real-time credit and identity checks through Creditsafe.

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Automate the entire application process

Creditsafe automatically combines applicant information with credit, fraud, and internal data, giving account handlers a comprehensive view of your customers and the ability to automate a decision in under 60 seconds.

Automated customer onboarding

Creditsafe uses the lender’s own policy rules to handle the majority of applications, meaning underwriters have more time and resources to attend to any applications that need further assessment to make safer, more informed decisions.

Digital ID verification

Allow your customers to verify their identity in seconds

Onboard your customers in under 60 seconds and assist with your compliance needs using our document validation solution.

We can tell you if an ID document appears to be genuine, so you can make quick decisions based on evidence.

Ensure the person is who they say they are while meeting your KYC / AML identity verification requirements.

Confidently onboard new customers with cutting edge technology integrating the use of AI, machine learning and biometrics.

Leverage a seamless end-to-end process to establish, maintain and safely track customer data.

Customize at which point within your business process you want to validate a customer's identity.

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