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Company Credit Reports

Run ongoing company credit checks on your suppliers to ensure you really know who you are working with

Business Verification

Verify a company is genuine, confirm its registered details, address and legal status.

Credit Score and Limit

See a company's credit score and maximum recommended credit limit.

Financial performance

Full financials help you to understand if a company is growing and financially stable.

Directors and Shareholders

Verify the identity of company directors and gain a better insight into the people running a company.

Company Ownership

Understand the true ownership of any company and its ultimate beneficial owner.

Key Risk Indicators

Confirm if your customer or supplier has any CCJs, late or missed payments.

More than 365 million reports in 160 countries

Do you trade internationally? With Creditsafe, 99.9% of our company credit reports are available instantly worldwide.

A – E International credit score for easy comparison

Our easy-to-read A-E credit score allows you to easily review reports in every country.

Data collected from over 200 sources

Our network of 16 offices and trusted local partners allow us to collect information locally, ensuring we always deliver high quality and up-to-date information.

Regular report updates

Creditsafe international database reports are updated in real-time, over 1 million times a day.

Compliance Search

Our data is pulled from multiple reliable data sources, giving you peace of mind when using Creditsafe's Compliance Search.


  • Global Sanctions
  • Global PEPs 
  • Adverse Media 
  • Global Financial Regulators 
  • Global Law Enforcement 
  • UK Companies House 
  • Global ID Verification 
  • Insolvents & Bankrupts Lists
  • Disqualified Directors Database

Sanction Lists:

  • HMT Sanction Regimes 
  • OFAC
  • Bureau of International Security
  • Non-Proliferation Sanctions 
  • UNSC Resolutions
  • EU Restrictive Measures
  • National / Unilateral Restrictive Measures

Data Cleaning & Enhancement

When your data decays up to 40% year-on-year, it is important to make sure your database is up-to-date.

Identify the gaps

We’ll show you where we can add or update records.

Protect your brand

Reduce the risk of sending campaigns to inaccurate addresses and contacts.

Highlight credit risk

Credit check your whole database at the click of a button.

Identify cross-selling opportunities

Highlight trends and potential new markets.