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Run business AML checks with confidence using Creditsafe

Join the thousands of legal & solicitor companies that are already using Creditsafe to verify a customers ID.

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Have confidence when running your AML checks on businesses and clients using the Creditsafe database.

Verify a clients ID immediately

Our AML checks screen against global PEPs and Sanction databases to give you the highest protection against terrorism funding, fraud and other unlawful financial activity.

Paperless audit trial

There is no need for physical storage, because at Creditsafe we store a paperless audit trail for 5 years in a highly secure environment to evidence your compliance, whilst protecting your clients' personal data.

Online PEPs & Sanction checks

Streamline your Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Sanctions compliance with instant online checks, which screen against a multitude of global and domestic databases in one go.

Access detailed company information from more than 200 countries and territories globally

Standardised scoring model

Easily read company grades with our A - E scoring model, allowing you to analyse company credit scores easily.

International monitoring

Monitor your customers and suppliers in 44 countries globally.

Variety of data fields

Access our company credit reports with a variety of information such as UBO information, director information and company financial data.

Business Credit Reports

Access data from over 200 unique data points to more than 420 million companies.

99.9% of reports available online instantly

Access key company financial data instantly via our online credit reports, and for something not available instantly, we'll launch a fresh investigation for you.

Business reports from more than 200 countries and territories

Our international coverage allows you to view credit reports on businesses around the world.

Company credit scores and limits

See a company's credit score and maximum recommended credit limit.

Speed up customer onboarding with our Connect API

Integrate key company and consumer data into your CRM system and take your onboarding from hours to minutes.


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