Free your business of manual data entry and inefficient customer data management

Transform your entire business with real-time company data integrated with your CRM.

Accurate company data whenever and wherever you need it most

Integrate data from over 430 million businesses across 200 countries.

From slowing down day-to-day activities to misinforming critical decisions, poor data management can have a detrimental effect on your business’s growth.

With Creditsafe’s pre-developed apps we allow you to create and update company records at the touch of a button. This minimises the need for manual data entry, saving you time and money. Our real-time company data integration matches your customer records to our database to confirm, amend and enhance the company information you hold.

Instantly regain trust in your database to provide accurate real-time company data, automate credit decisions and inform strategic decision making.

What are the opportunities when I integrate with Creditsafe?

Creditsafe’s Applications connects your system directly with our live database, enabling you to;

Append credit scores & limits to company records

Automate your credit & lending decisions

Enhance customer records & prospect data

Monitor important company changes in your customer base

How will data integration benefit my business?

Leverage your people, processes and technology to their highest potential to stay ahead of your competition

Improve Productivity

Reveal Customer Insight

Immediately Identify Risks

We put real-time company data at the fingertips of your workforce, empowering them to make quick and informed decisions that help them to manage their time profitably. Creditsafe's apps remove the need to manually input and regularly check the accuracy of data, saving precious time and resources.

With over 200 data sets available within the app, you can combine Creditsafe's company, financial and firmographic data with your own customer data to make intelligent automated credit and lending decisions.


Streamline activities across a number of departments;

Define pre-approved sales prospects

Instant record creation with real-time data

Automate credit approval and onboarding

Effectively prioritise collections

Share superior customer and prospect intelligence to all departments across your business, from sales and marketing to finance and credit management. We'll help you to define which potential customers are most likely to help you achieve your businesses objectives and which you should avoid.

With access to full company financials and payment history, Creditsafe’s data can be used by business development managers to ensure your business is pitching at the correct price and agreeing on payment terms that can be satisfied.

Identify the first signs of risk when a customer’s circumstances change with Creditsafe Monitoring. Monitoring is built into all of our apps and provides real-time notifications for 17 event types so that you can respond accordingly and protect your business. 

The app allows you to define groups of customers, suppliers and prospects and customise which events you want to be notified on for each. Once selected the app will alert you when a customer’s credit score falls, if they receive a CCJ or any other notable event.

Monitoring can also be configured to inform you when a company’s circumstances improve, allowing you to spot and seize opportunities as they arise.

Improve Productivity
Reveal Customer Insight
Immediately Identify Risks

We hold the largest database of business reports in the industry

Our data is updated from over 8000 sources globally as often as every day.

Integrate more than 200 data points, including;

Company name

Credit score

Director details

Registered company address

Credit limit

Ultimate holding company

Company telephone number

International score

Company website

Number of employees

SIC code

Event History

We integrate seamlessly with the systems you already use and love...

Looking to develop your own integration?

Design your bespoke integration for any CRM or ERP with the Creditsafe Connect API. Our ultra-fast API connects your business with our entire international report database with the flexibility to build your own tools, workflows and reporting.