How gambling companies can avoid hefty fines by complying with Anti-Money Laundering regulations

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The recent news surrounding leading gambling companies being fined £17million,  has taken the headlines and highlighted the importance of making sure you're compliant with AML regulations.

Read our quick blog on how gambling companies can be more compliant with AML regulations, and the tools available to get there. 

The risks of not being compliant

The 2005 Gambling Act enforces the gambling industry to be regulated and follow all correct procedures. The act is in force to prevent gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, and to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way. The gambling act covers all forms of gambling from betting, participating in a lottery and gaming. 

Multi-million pound fines

In recent years, many gambling companies have been ordered to pay millions due to breaching AML regulations

Licence suspension

In some cases, gambling companies will be ordered to pay a fine as well as have their licence suspended

Negative press

Many news outlets report on fines that occur with gambling companies.

Ensuring regulatory compliance with Creditsafe

Bank data verification

You can enrich and enhance your KYC checks by verifying customer bank data via UK bank records, with access to more bank information than any other UK provider.

Paperless audit trail

Reduce costs associated with physical storage, whilst ensuring you are exhibiting good governance with a paperless audit trail stored in a secure environment. We store a paperless audit trail for 5 years in a highly secure environment to evidence your compliance, whilst protecting your clients' personal data.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Our Anti-Money Laundering checks meet the standards outlined by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) guidance, ensuring peace of mind that your due diligence is fully AML compliant.

Verify a client’s ID instantly

Our AML checks screen against global PEPs and Sanction databases to give you the highest protection against terrorism funding, fraud and other unlawful financial activity.

ID & KYC Checks

ID & KYC Checks

Our ID & KYC process allows users to speed up their on-boarding process with a simple "Pass/Refer" decision in seconds. Our system allows you to check against a drivers licence, European ID, national insurance number and many more.

Watch our webinar on how Creditsafe is helping businesses in the gambling and gaming sector maintain high levels of complaint and due-diligence. 

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