Automate your credit policies and business workflows

Enhance your business efficiency through workflow automation

Save time and maximise profit by automating your existing credit policies and business workflows.

Automate decisions that will help you grow your business.

Transform carefully planned credit policies into instant decisions with our decision automation software

Make better informed credit-based decisions, in a fraction of the time, with Decision Engine. By integrating with our market-leading data and decision-making solutions, we can transform the way you do business forever.

Powered by our next-generation Connect API, Decision Engine can help you save time and maximise profit across your organisation by automating time consuming processes which drain your company’s resources. This frees you and your staff to spend more time working on achieving your business goals.

Decision Engine

Improve the accuracy of your decisions while reducing costs

With speed and accuracy on your side you can free up resource to focus on strategic goals

Improve Productivity

Reduce Costs

Increase Profits

Consistent Policy Application

Increase the efficiency of your on-boarding process and improve customer experience. We build bespoke decision trees that allow you to make automated decisions and transform the speed at which you can accept new business.

With your resources freed up, you can allow staff to focus their efforts where they're really needed. Let Decision Engine carry out the heavy lifting so you can prioritise more complex opportunities and growing existing customers.

Improve Prdocutivity

By implementing Decision Engine the majority of decisions will be automated, meaning you can focus your staff’s time on the decisions that require extra attention. Through Decision Engine you can reduce the amount of decisions a human has to make by up to 80%.

An example of the savings you can expect to make within your credit control department is, if you make 10,000 credit decisions in a year and the typical time it takes to reach a decision is 1 hour, you would save 8,000 man hours per year. 

Reduce Costs

Through automating your on-boarding process, you will have the ability to process business applications instantly. With the development of your bespoke decision tree you will be able to say yes to more applications that meet your credit policy.

Creditsafe’s Decision Engine allows you to do much more than just qualify more applications. Through the bespoke decision trees developed and by removing the time taken to complete applications you can focus your time on driving strategic business goals and improving the return on your investments.

Increase Profits

We will take your existing policies and combine them with this wealth of information to ensure your automated policies are working the best for your business needs. Once automated you can ensure that there are no errors made during the application process, giving you complete peace of mind that the process is followed each time, every time.

Our aim is to automate as many decisions as possible so you can spend your time focused on the areas that matter most.

Consistent Policy Application
Improve Productivity
Reduce Costs
Increase Profits
Consistent Policy Application

A truly bespoke solution without limitations

We offer a full service solution to take care of your entire decision automation journey

Full consultative service

Our dedicated team will build a complete and bespoke solution for your business. We take charge of building your decision tree so you don't have to worry about manual configuration.

Choose from 200+ Creditsafe data fields

Incorporate any aspect of Creditsafe’s company data into your decision tree, giving you more control over your credit policy without losing speed.

Automate decisions in 160 countries

Our extensive international database allows you to automate credit decisions for companies in 160 countries. Include real-time data you can trust regardless of a company's location, thanks to our API.

Include your own data in the decision

Integrate your own data into Decision Engine allowing it to consider which product was sold, whether the business is already a customer and your past payment experiences with them.

Automate your decisions based on data you can trust

A decision is only as good as the data that is it made on

At Creditsafe we make data quality our highest priority. We source data from official registries and local trusted sources in each country to ensure we deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible. The Connect API that powers Decision Engine, is our fastest API delivering world leading data to enrich your existing datasets to provide complete peace of mind when automating decisioning.

Trusted Data

Why choose Creditsafe data for decision automation? 


  • Access real-time data on over 365 million companies
  • Automate decisions on businesses in over 160 countries
  • Trusted data from local and official sources
  • Include information from over 200 unique data fields
  • A credit score that is the most predictive in the industry

Ways to access Decision Engine in your business

From integrated solutions to a Creditsafe portal, you can choose a solution to suit you


Connect API


In the near future we will be launching a brand new Creditsafe website. Alongside the new website we will also be launching Check & Decide - our website based Decision Engine portal.

Choosing Check & Decide means there is no need to integrate Decision Engine with any of your internal systems. You still receive the same consultation and development service, with the option to integrate at a later date if you want to.

check and decide

Integrate Decision Engine with your existing CRM or ERP system with our fastest ever API. Our API enhances your database with real-time Creditsafe information, before combining this with your own data and delivering bespoke decision automation.

Our integrated Decision Engine solution enables you to make complex decisions and streamline your workflows with the simplicity of clicking a button.

connect API decision engine

Enhance your Salesforce account automate decisions on who to do business. With just a click of a button, Decision Engine applies your credit policy to any lead or customer record within your Salesforce account.

By combining the data from your Salesforce record and Creditsafe company information, we streamline your onboarding process and repeat business decisions so you can close more business opportunities.

salesforce decision automation
Connect API

Transform your company with automation that's built for your business

Start your automation journey by talking to one of our Decision Engine consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data can I use in my decision tree?

There are hundreds of datasets that can be included within your decision tree. Decision Engine is powered by our Connect API meaning you can draw upon over 200 company information fields from more than 330 million business worldwide. These include:

* Company financials, including turnover (where available)

* Credit score and credit limit

* Address & contact information

* Industry and SIC code

In addition, you are able to include your own data or third-party information within your decision tree via API.

Can I change my decision tree if we change our credit policy?

Yes, Decision Engine is built on a flexible platform allowing changes to be made to the decision tree. Creditsafe offer a full-service solution, including the building and configuration of the decision tree so that you do not have to worry about the manual configuration. Consequently, any subsequent changes to the decision tree, once the initial solution has been completed, will require additional time and resource which may be charged for.

Should you require support in optimising your credit policy prior to its automation, our analytical team offer a Bespoke Scorecard design and implementation service to enhance the success of your business's credit policy.

What countries does Decision Engine cover?

You can run decisions for companies in over 160 countries. The list includes every country we offer credit reports within via the web and the Connect API.

You can find a full list of countries covered by the Connect API in our International Capabilities booklet here.

What software does the Decision Engine automation run on?

Decision Engine is powered by the industry-leading Provenir platform.

The Provenir Platform is a sophisticated and flexible Decisioning and Data Science solution that puts powerful decisioning technology in the hands of business users.