NPS Talk

NPS Talk with our Head of Customer Service, Alyn Johnson

So you may have overheard the term ‘NPS’ floating around, but what does it mean and why does it matter?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score, or ‘NPS’, is a way for businesses to measure customer satisfaction. To find it, customers answer a simple survey gauging how likely they are to recommend a business to a friend or an acquaintance. Their answers are then fed into a formula to produce a single figure used for universal benchmarking, internally, across entities and against other companies. 

It’s a scale of minus 100 to plus 100. To achieve a score of 0+ is good, 30+ is excellent and 50+ is exceptional. 

What are the benefits of measuring using NPS?

It measures customer loyalty

It boosts referral marketing

It encourages a company-wide responsibility for customer satisfaction levels

It helps customer service teams to prioritise by reaching out to low scorers (detractors)

It establishes feedback and identifies ways to improve

It helps us maintain the highest standards possible

Why is NPS important to Creditsafe?

We at Creditsafe are proud to say we’ve been focusing on our customer satisfaction. Thanks to our efforts, our NPS score has been driven up to an all-time high - a strong 38 for September 2023, which is the highest across the industry. Our aim as a business has always been to achieve a score of 50+, which we are continually working towards.

What does this mean for Creditsafe customers?

It gives them an opportunity to share their experiences

We can improve our services based on their feedback

The score instils trust and shows our customers we care

With this experience, we can build a concise and consistent customer journey

Our customers can rest-assured that we are committed to providing best-in-class customer service

The Creditsafe customer service team members

What do our customers really think?

We’re proud to consistently achieve a strong score above 30, which demonstrates the excellent level of service we provide. How can you be sure? Well, here are a few reviews from some of our valued customers.

Trustpilot Review 1
Trustpilot Review 2
Trustpilot Review 3
Trustpilot Review 4
Trustpilot Review 5

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