Jarmite speeds up customer onboarding and reduces their risk of fraud using Creditsafe.

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The Customer

Jarmite is a car rental company, with over 20 years of experience within the motor industry. They provide an alternative solution to customers who have not been able to access a vehicle through traditional funding sources, offering the flexibility that rental can offer in these uncertain times.


The Challenge

Jarmite quickly realised that with business expanding on a daily basis, time management was essential to doing business with their customers. The impact of Covid-19 meant that the decrease in usage of public transport, gave Jarmite an increase in demand for people wanting their own form of transport.

They said, “When we started Jarmite, we were initially getting customers to do their own credit searches, and then email that to us. The biggest challenge with this was the loss of time”. Whilst this worked for them at that stage of the businesses expansion, but was never going to be a long-term solution that would allow business to scale. 

With customers providing their own credit reports, there was a risk of fraud occurring, where a customer could edit their own report to become compliant with the information Jarmite requests.

When the partnership of Creditsafe and Jarmite started, the Jarmite team soon realised that the integration of the Creditsafe API was going to be a massive help to checking their customers, enabling them to speed up onboarding, reduce the likelihood of fraud, improve overall customer experience and enable the business to scale.

We always had the expectation that we would increase volume, therefore needing an automated solution for our credit searches.

Jarmite Car Rentals

The Solution

Since Jarmite started using Creditsafe, they now have an in-depth look into who they are dealing with and confidence that they can move forward with all the information they need on a customer. Jarmite use Creditsafe not only to check their customers' credit profile, but also to check if addresses are legitimate, bankruptcy orders, and for Anti-Money Laundering checks to adhere to AML regulations.

Receiving customers’ own credit reports had created some issues in the past and delayed their internal process. However, Jarmite can now rely on accurate, reliable and up-to-date information when analysing their customers. Creditsafe also allows Jarmite to run credit checks in a matter of seconds, whilst reducing their onboarding time to just minutes. 

Jarmite are now planning the integration of Creditsafe Connect API into their own sales system, which will allow the team at Jarmite to easily navigate through their system, knowing the information they needed was already to hand. 

The major reason for choosing Creditsafe was the availability of the API meaning that Jarmite could automate their systems to drive growth without increasing staffing costs.

“If as a business you are looking at integrating reliable business data into your application process, then in our minds, Creditsafe are your best bet”.

Being able to run our own credit searches has made the process much more efficient for us.

Jarmite Car Rentals

The Results

Time Saved

The team at Jarmite saved valuable time being able to run their own reports.

Faster Onboarding

Access 99.9% of online reports instantly.

Accurate Information

Jarmite know they can rely on accurate and up-to-date credit information.

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