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How PeopleCheck access reliable and accurate information using Creditsafe consumer reports.

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The Customer

Founded in 2003, PeopleCheck is a London-based organisation, with global reach, that specialises in background checks & employment screening. PeopleCheck are recognised as a service leader within their industry, and provide the best in candidate and client experience within the background screening sector; consistently setting best practices and providing qualified judgment within the industry. PeopleCheck do not off-shore its services which enables clear and meaningful support at all times. Checks are securely instructed through their extremely user friendly and intuitive cloud based applicant tracking portal. Their use of technology is also supported by an excellent and responsive account management model so that clients and applicants are supported in the best possible way at all times.

The Challenge

In the first couple of years, prior to using Creditsafe, PeopleCheck were running a combination of checks, going directly to Companies House, other online service providers and also using a smaller agent company based in London. PeopleCheck quickly reached a point where their client base was increasing and they needed a more dashboard-driven solution in front of them, rather than taking a manual case-by-case approach.

David Hutchinson, PeopleCheck Managing Director, says “When we were looking for a provider of consumer information, we considered a number of suppliers, including Creditsafe. We wanted to make sure we could use a supplier who had best-in-class and fully up-to-date data as well as an organisation that was aligned with our company values and also met our needs of transparency and responsiveness.’

PeopleCheck’s process has always focussed on being simple, meaningful and compliant. PeopleCheck also strive for the use of the smartest technological application. When PeopleCheck first trialled Creditsafe, they realised that they could have reliable and accurate data to hand, rather than relying on manual processes or multiple data sources. With a potential to integrate Creditsafe data into their system, the partnership with Creditsafe began.

David says one of the main reasons for choosing Creditsafe was the knowledge that the staff provide. “Staff at Creditsafe don’t try and guess information, they always make sure that they come back to you with an accurate answer to any queries we have.”

When benchmarking data providers, Creditsafe's response rate was far better than others we tested and communicated with. We also found that they were consistently polite and that nothing was ever a problem.

David Hutchinson
PeopleCheck, Managing Director

The Solution

PeopleCheck use a number of key, best-in-sector vendors in order to conduct checks required by their business. Creditsafe support PeopleCheck with consumer data and data from Companies House. Access to Creditsafe consumer data allows PeopleCheck to easily confirm a person’s name, address, electoral status, credit score and any adverse public data.

Adilson Santos, PeopleCheck Projects and Process Manager, says “Creditsafe consistently demonstrates a great level of flexibility. Whether we need a single API call or 5,000 extra checks in bulk, Creditsafe are able to return them in a way that suits us.”

Due to an increasing demand for their service, future plans now see PeopleCheck looking to integrate using the Creditsafe API. This will allow the removal of their manual data input process and will ultimately save them time and improve the accuracy of the consumer data being used.

Adilson says, “Initial tests demonstrated that Creditsafe’s API integration could enable teams to complete twice as many checks, compared to the manual search tools available in the market today. In addition, the communication and technical information from Creditsafe‘s Integrations team is very clear, proving that they are always investing in new technology”.

PeopleCheck sometimes need to look at entities rather than consumers, so use Creditsafe’s international reports when performing due diligence checks. Creditsafe have reports available in more than 160 countries, allowing businesses like PeopleCheck to confidently use our global data. 

Creditsafe have consistently met our needs as a business, not just in terms of data, but in terms of delivering a quality service too.

David Hutchinson
PeopleCheck, Managing Director

The Results

Clear and concise output

Global risk banding structure allows a clear understanding for all reports.

Accurate information

PeopleCheck know they can rely on accurate and up-to-date credit consumer information.

Continuity of service

Designated account manager support from one of our Creditsafe specialists.

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