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Data Licensing | Tap into the world's largest corporate database...

Join our Data Director, Drew Fahiya as he delves into our global company database and shows you how your business can access millions of corporate data profiles which can then be structured according to your individual needs.
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About this Webinar

During the webinar, Drew will be highlighting how licensing our data enables you to access all data sets for limited companies in one place, including company financials, director and shareholder details, corporate ownership, and official registry data. This can then be used for data analysis, master data management, business targeting or to enhance new and existing products.

Our Speakers

Drew Fahiya, Creditsafe

Drew Fahiya

Data Director | Creditsafe UK & Ireland

Drew has worked for Creditsafe for over 11 years. He has managed the data department since 2015 and been at the helm as Data Director for the past 18 months. During this time, Drew has overseen two scorecard builds and the introduction of Creditsafe’s COVID-19 Risk Indicator. He has developed a high level of expertise in data management over his years at Creditsafe, and has an in-depth understanding of algorithms, analytics, commonalities of failure and how data has become a huge part of day-to-day life. His skills in databases, data management, manipulating, cleansing and processing data, sees him regularly liaising with data suppliers and customers helping them to understand Creditsafe data.

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