Integrating Creditsafe Data Webinar

Integrating Creditsafe Data: Easy as 1,2,3.

Join Creditsafe Integrations Manager Ollie Muir & platform provider XAMA Technologies in discussion with Will Taylor Chartered Accountants on how we provided them with a complete integrated solution with ease and how this has had a positive impact on their business.

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About this Webinar

Our expert team will help you understand how integrating with Creditsafe’s Connect API through a platform or technical consultancy can improve your business processes.  

What you'll learn during this webinar:

  • How the Creditsafe Connect API works
  • What options are available if you do not have inhouse capabilities to integrate with an API.
  • How using someone like Xama to integrate with Creditsafe can help improve business efficiencies

Our Speakers

Ollie Muir, Creditsafe

Ollie Muir
Integration Manager, Creditsafe UK & Ireland

Ollie is the UK Integration Manager at Creditsafe. He brings vast experience of integrating various systems and running projects to improve business efficiencies. Ollie has worked in both the private and public sector primarily working in finance and banking. He has worked on a variety of integration projects ranging from the creation of a new data capture system for the Bank of England to launching a new challenger bank. Ollie is now bringing his experience and expertise to help Creditsafe’s customers to get the most out of the integration opportunities available to them via the Connect API.

Jacques Malan, Xama

Jacques Malan
Managing Director, Xama Technologies

As Managing Director of Xama Technologies, and former Technical Director of the accounting and bookkeeping firm, Excluserv, Jacques is experienced in streamlining internal processes for accountants and their clients. Working with some top engineers at Xama, they focus on the integration of key software and processes within the SME market. Their products offer this market features that have historically only been accessible to larger corporations who have the ability to invest a lot of resources into process automation. Xama’s onboarding product, developed alongside Will Taylor Chartered Accountants and in partnership with Creditsafe, brings such enterprise level features to smaller professional services companies. It removes the administrative burden they face in staying compliant and minimising risk, whilst also providing an improved experience to their customers.

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