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Ledger Management

Take full control of your cashflow with our ledger management tool

View every aspect of your ledger with ease

Understand and improve your risk position with a complete view of your entire portfolio.

3D Ledger takes your own sales ledger data and combines it with our international risk management database and over 300 million trade payment experiences. This combined data puts the ultimate solution in accounts receivables collection right in your hands.

You’ll have the tools needed to prioritise your payment collections and help lower the risk of bad debt, reduce invoice payment times, and improve your business’s overall cashflow.

Over 300 million trade payment experiences to enhance your data beyond standard credit risk algorithms.

Access to over 330 million companies to ensure you can also utilise group structure and international data.

Creditsafe 3D Ledger management tool takes your own sales ledger data and combines it with our international risk management database.

How 3D Ledger can help you…

Improve cashflow

Gain insight into your customers' payment trends so you can create a full profile and spot payment gaps in your ledger—now you can prioritise your processes.

Identify where money is owed

Utilise numerous data fields from payment times to demographic information to analyse your ledger and create easy-to-read graphs—gain true insight into how your ledger really looks.

Reduce payment times and late payers

Set more realistic payment terms—you’ll increase sales while minimising unpaid or late payments.

Monitor your cashflow and get alerts

Monitor your ledger with alerts for changes in your portfolio based on your specifications.

3D Ledger is available in 12 countries worldwide

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