Gain insight into the people running a company with a free Director check

In order to gain a better insight into how a company operates you need valuable information about the Directors running the business.

Make informed business decisions based on accurate Director information

What information does a Creditsafe Company Director check contain?

Directors full name and address

Month and year of Birth


Function and role within the business

Appointment and resignation dates

Current and previous Directorships

Also included as part of the Company Director check report is the credit score of the company a director has resigned from at the point of resignation.

Understand the structure of the companies you do with business with

Director Search

Business intelligence such as the structure of the board of directors of a company can arm you with the information you need regarding key decision makers.   Knowing what position a Director holds within the organisation and his/her responsibilities helps with prospecting, the Director check will give you a direct line to key decision makers.

“60% of UK directors were once the Director of a company that is no longer trading”

Make Director checks an essential part of your due diligence process

A Creditsafe director check not only gives you information on the Director you are searching for but also information on associated people.  This insight can be important as it details companies the directors share ties with.