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Chapter 1

New Indicators

Release date: Now Available

Gain a greater insight into a company's performance with three new indicators now available on the updated Scores and Indicators tab on Creditsafe reports. 

The Financial Strength Indicator uses a number of key ratios from the company's latest financial statements to understand the strength of the company's financial position.

The Payment Behaviour Indicator measures how quickly a company pays its invoices and is a weighted DBT based on invoices within the last 12 months, rather than 36 months of data utilised to generate the Creditsafe DBT.

The Payment Expectation Indicator measures the likelihood that a company will become delinquent in paying its invoices over the next 12 months.


Chapter 1

Estimated Turnover Indicator

Release date: Now Available

The Estimated Turnover Indicator can now be found on UK and Irish reports for companies who file financial statements but have not disclosed a turnover figure in their income statement. The estimates are calculated by using key figures from the company's balance sheet and ratios from the accounts of other companies that operate in the same industry sector.


Chapter 1

New Datasets - Negative Information

Release date: Now Available

Three new datasets have recently been added which can provide early indication of a company's potential failure. 

In the Negative Information tab, Deliberate Tax Defaults are now available, and HM Court Applications (Notice Of Intention) and Initial Stage Petitions can be found within HM Court Notices.

The HMRC publishes details of deliberate tax defaults where a company has received penalties for deliberate errors in their tax returns or deliberately failing to comply with their tax obligations. This information will be displayed on the company for a maximum of 12 months from the publish date.

HM Court Applications appear on a report where a company has applied for a moratorium to the Courts. The moratorium gives struggling businesses a formal breathing space to pursue a rescue plan, during which no legal action by creditors or any other parties can be taken against a company without leave of the court. Over 80% of all HM Court Applications received result in an insolvency.

Initial Stage Petitions (Winding Up Petitions) are petitions filed at the Courts and not yet advertised at the Gazette or have not made it to an official court list. In these instances, an application has been made by creditors to the court to wind up a company that owes them money. 

In many cases, this information is not available in the public domain and can appear up to two weeks prior to any official notices being published at the Gazette. 

Companies with this negative information will be shown on the banner at the top of their report, where you can click on View More for more details.


Chapter 1

New Workflow feature in Protect

Release date: Now Available

A new workflow feature is now live in Protect to help users manage internal processes and create alignment when a search result on a company returns a potential hit on a legal enforcement or sanctions list, PEPs or adverse media.

When a user spots a hit on a company, they can assign the company record to another team member who is using Protect (e.g. a manager). That person can then approve, decline, cancel or refer the record. When a record is assigned, the assignee will receive a notification email advising them to take action.


Chapter 1

Over 130 International Reports now in new platform layout

Release date: Now Available

Experience a consistent and improved user experience with 137 international data reports now available in our new platform layout. Stay tuned as we look to launch more countries online this year.

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