Google vs Reality: Women in management around the world
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Google vs Reality: Women in management around the world

It’s common knowledge that there is always more to be done in relation to women in senior management roles and smashing the glass ceiling.

We wanted to see how this is currently being represented in 2019 in one of the largest sources of data on the planet: Google.

We analysed the top 25 search results across 15 countries around the world to see how the faces of business are being represented. We discovered that women are being hugely underrepresented, and in most cases, the country in real life actually has a higher percentage of women in managerial positions than Google is showing us. We think it’s time the faces of business changed. See how representation across the globe compares below in our graphic. 

Google Vs Reality

You can download this graphic from Google Drive.

Results of the research

Canada is the only country in our list that came out as having more females represented online than it did offline. The percentage difference was extremely minor, however, it’s positive to see that Canadians will be receiving a relatively accurate depiction of the senior management in their country.

New Zealand had the second highest proportion of women in its Google Images at 31.5%, almost as close as the country’s actual percentage of female management which sits at 40%. The USA followed closely behind at 25%, with the UK and Malta jointly after that at 19.04%.

Despite Colombia having the highest percentage of women in management roles out of the countries analysed, their representation online is nonexistent. Colombian businesses should be proud about such a powerful statistic, especially in today’s empowering climate, however, this is not evident when looking for images of business leaders

The following table reveals the full dataset behind the graphic so you can see the data in its raw form. 

How was the data collected?

A google search was performed in each country for the term ‘CEO’ and the amount of men or women in the top 25 Google Images was recorded. Google is not used in Russia, therefore, the equivalent, Yandex, was used to collect the data. In countries that did not speak English, an equivalent translation was used without gendered language. 

The data relating to women in managerial positions around the world was taken from the International Labour Organisation’s Women in Business and Management: Gaining momentum report. 31.3% was derived as the median average of the countries analysed in the report from multiple data sources. 

India’s data was not reported by the ILO, therefore came from an aggregated report here